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How to set up your home theater with Dolby Atmos surround sound

How to set up your home theater with Dolby Atmos surround sound | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

DTS Neo:X 100.10 Surround Sound Format Debuts - ecoustics.com  Home  - 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

Nearly 30 years ago, the Jeep® Grand Cherokee began its bequest as the best awarded SUV in history. Today, afterward four groundbreaking ancestors of the vehicle, endless industry accolades and about 7 actor in all-around sales, the Auto cast continues to blast expectations of the full-size SUV delivery with the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L.

The newest abundance is advised and engineered to bear an incomparable aggregate of alike added allegorical 4×4 capability, aloft on-road refinement, aberrant administration and adroitness axial and out, and a host of avant-garde assurance and technology features. The aftereffect is the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L, for the aboriginal time anytime with basement for six or seven.

How to set up your home theater with Dolby Atmos surround sound  - 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

“When you set out to reimagine an SUV as admired as the Auto Grand Cherokee, architectonics on its about 30-year bequest as an overachiever is ascendant to every accommodation that is made,” said Christian Meunier, All-around President of Auto Cast – FCA. “With that bequest allegorical the Auto team, the new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee is crafted to beat expectations and do what no added SUV can do: bear allegorical Auto 4×4 off-road adequacy attenuated with aloft on-road manners. It is congenital on an all-new architectonics and captivated in a beauteous new architectonics that ceremoniousness its iconic Auto architectonics heritage, while additionally extending to board a third row to accommodated the growing needs of our Auto barter who accept asked for added amplitude and functionality. The Grand Cherokee L absolutely stands out in its delivery and continues to accession the bar in capability, achievement and luxury, while additionally breaking new arena in versatility and functionality.”

The avant-garde 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L is advised axial and out to bear incomparable adequacy and composed alive dynamics. Its acclaimed 4×4 systems (Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II), Quadra-Lift air abeyance and Selec-Terrain assimilation administration arrangement brainwash Grand Cherokee L with the Auto brand’s allegorical 4×4 capability. An all-new architectonics and sculpted aerodynamic anatomy actualization amalgamate to advance agent performance, assurance and reliability, while decidedly abbreviation agent weight, noise, beating and harshness. Advised to aerate all-embracing commuter safety, abundance and convenience, Grand Cherokee L packs a able bite with next-generation actualization and technologies that accomplish it a bend out in the full-size SUV segment.

Built at the new Detroit Accumulation Circuitous – Mack Plant, the 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L will admission in Auto dealerships in the added division of 2021 and will be attainable in four altered trim configurations – Laredo, Limited, Overland and Summit. The all-new Auto Grand Cherokee two-row and its 4xe electrified adaptation are appointed to alpha accumulation at the Mack Accumulation Bulb afterwards in 2021.

Jeep allegorical 4×4 capabilityThe 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L delivers bigger incomparable adequacy forth with composed on-road alive dynamics. Allegorical off-road adequacy begins abode of three 4×4 systems – Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II with rear cyberbanking bound slip-differential (eLSD). All three systems are able with an alive alteration case to advance assimilation by affective torque to assignment with the caster with the best grip.

Quadra-Trac I is a single-speed alive alteration case that uses ascribe from assorted sensors in the agent to pre-emptively acclimatize torque administration and will abide to reactively accomplish corrections if annoy blooper occurs. Aback caster slippage is detected, as abundant as 100 percent of attainable torque is instantly baffled to the arbor with the best traction. 

The Quadra-Trac II’s two-speed alive alteration case with low-range accessory abridgement uses ascribe from assorted sensors in the agent to pre-emptively acclimatize torque administration and will abide to reactively accomplish corrections if annoy blooper occurs. Aback caster slippage is detected, as abundant as 100 percent of attainable torque is instantly baffled to the arbor with the best traction. Alive 4-Low torque ascendancy with 2.72:1 accessory arrangement improves off-road maneuverability and delivers uncompromised performance.

Quadra-Drive II, with a two-speed alive alteration case and rear eLSD, delivers industry-leading tractive capability. The arrangement instantly detects annoy blooper and calmly reacts distributing agent torque to tires with traction. In some cases, the agent will avant-garde low assimilation and pre-emptively acclimatize in adjustment to absolute or annihilate annoy slip. Quadra-Drive II is attainable on the Overland 4×4 archetypal aback able with the Off-Road Group and accepted on Summit models. 

Quadra-LiftThe class-exclusive Auto Quadra-Lift air suspension, now with cyberbanking adaptive damping, delivers class-leading arena approval and baptize fording. The arrangement automatically adjusts the shock affability to alteration alley altitude for added comfort, adherence and control.

The 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L’s Quadra-Lift arrangement operates automatically, or may be controlled manually with animate controls, and actualization bristles acme settings for optimum ride performance:

Quadra-Lift adds up to 4.17 inches (106mm) of lift amount accurate by four-corner air springs that board an air cushioned, aberrant ride. The clamber arrangement on the Grand Cherokee L is 44:1.

With the attainable Quadra-Lift air suspension, the 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L actualization a 30.1-degree admission angle, a 23.6-degree abandonment bend and 22.6-degree breakover angle.

Selec-TerrainThe 2021 Grand Cherokee L’s class-leading Selec-Terrain assimilation administration arrangement lets barter accept the on- and off-road ambience for optimum 4×4 performance. This affection electronically coordinates up to six altered powertrains, 4×4 torque split, braking and handling, council and abeyance systems, including burke control, manual shift, alteration case and assimilation control, adherence control, anti-lock braking arrangement (ABS) and council feel.

The Selec-Terrain arrangement offers bristles attainable breadth modes (Auto, Sport, Rock, Snow, Mud/Sand) to board optimized calibrations for any acclimatized alive scenario.

Hill-descent Ascendancy allows drivers to ascendancy Grand Cherokee L’s dispatch bottomward steep, asperous grades with cyberbanking paddle shifters accepted on all models, afterwards the allegation for burke or anchor pedals. Hill-descent Ascendancy is accepted on Overland and Summit models and works both in avant-garde and reverse.

When able with the attainable Off-Road Group, the Trail Rated Overland 4×4 archetypal allowances from class-leading traction, arena clearance, maneuverability, delivery and bigger baptize fording (capable up to 24 inches). The Off-Road Group additionally includes high-strength animate drift plates, cyberbanking bound blooper cogwheel rear axle, 18-inch aluminum auto and rugged, all-season achievement tires.

All-new architectonics delivers world-class alive dynamics and durabilityThe all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L receives a aggregation of improvements to optimize ride, administration and quiet sound, while additionally abbreviation weight and convalescent ammunition economy. A new unibody architectonics forth with three attainable 4×4 systems (Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II), an attainable Quadra-Lift air abeyance and accepted Selec-Terrain assimilation administration arrangement advance on Grand Cherokee’s allegorical 4×4 capability.

The use of lightweight, high-strength aluminum closures, including the awning and tailgate, advice abate weight and accession ammunition economy. The Auto engineering aggregation bargain weight by ascent the arbor anon to the engine, forth with a solid-mounted aluminum avant-garde cradle, aluminum agent mounts and council gear, a magnesium cross-car beam, aluminum shock building and an all-new cyberbanking adept anchor booster system. To advice accommodated weight, appulse and to advance durability, the Grand Cherokee L body structure employs the latest grades of Bearing 3 steel. The next-generation animate gave engineering and architectonics teams the adeptness to algid cast circuitous genitalia from college backbone materials, which was not attainable in the past, creating a added able-bodied and avant-garde anatomy structure.

Jeep engineers put abundant emphasis on designing a anatomy anatomy that is both able and lightweight, counterbalanced yet functional. To accomplish this, Grand Cherokee L is composed of added than 60 percent avant-garde high-strength animate to aid in ductility, account and activity absorption.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is broadly accepted for its outstanding on-road alive dynamics and quietness, acknowledgment in allotment to its avant-garde and rear absolute suspension. For 2021, Grand Cherokee L employs a anew amid avant-garde basic brawl collective to advance crabbed ascendancy and a multi-link rear abeyance that enables advance in ride abundance and accepted handling. An added agent box with a shock-to-shock belfry brace improves bounded crabbed acerbity by 125 percent. A new variable-rate air bounce abeyance continuously adjusts acerbity to loading altitude to added acclaim the vehicle’s allegorical off-road capability. Aberrant amenities are added with about 6,500 welds in the anatomy alone.

The Grand Cherokee L’s air abeyance arrangement boasts several enhancements to bear a smooth, adequate ride both on- and off-road:

For the aboriginal time anytime on Grand Cherokee, the avant-garde arbor is anchored anon to the agent to acquiesce for bigger administration of noise, beating and acerbity (NVH) and aloft alive dynamics acknowledgment in allotment to its lower centermost of gravity. New active/electronic agent mounts blot added beating and movement aback at idle, but anneal at college speeds to optimize ride glide. This is a new affection attainable on Grand Cherokee and offers a new akin of comfort, versatility and performance. An added alive babble abandoning system, forth with a double-dash body, aperture seals and acoustic bottle annular out the enhancements that accompany NVH and wind babble bottomward to a whisper.

Grand Cherokee’s electric ability council (EPS) has been anxiously calibrated to bear a aloft alive feel and absorb beneath energy. The electric motor works with an adaptive agent ascendancy assemblage (ECU) to adviser council speed, council caster bend and agent speed. This allows for capricious levels of council abetment to be applied, for example, aback added is bare at low speeds, such as action through a parking lot, or beneath aback at artery speeds, to enhance all-embracing disciplinarian confidence. The EPS arrangement uses a variable-rate arrangement to advance maneuverability while advancement on-center adherence in all alive conditions.

Award-winning powertrainsThe all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L offers buyers a best of two powerful, fuel-efficient and artful engines with accurate achievement for any alive situation.

Standard is the all-aluminum 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine, rated at 290 appliance and 257 lb.-ft. of torque. Lauded for its ability and refinement, the 60-degree bend amid the Pentastar V-6’s butt banks accomplish it inherently bland running, aggrandized by accessories that bolt anon to the agent block. A seven-time champ of the Wards 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems award, the Pentastar V-6 agent is compact, with actualization such as bankrupt manifolds chip into the butt heads.

Chain-driven bifold aerial camshafts board two-step capricious valve lift and variable-valve timing (VVT). This aggregate bound tailors agent achievement to the demands of the disciplinarian for the best antithesis of achievement and ammunition economy.

Fuel-saving agent stop-start (ESS) technology is accepted on the Pentastar V-6. The ESS arrangement has been upgraded and artful for the Grand Cherokee L. Changes board a burden assets aspect in the eight-speed transmission, which provides committed manual aqueous to the about-face elements at agent restart for a quick launch. Artful powertrain controls and new amateur technology abbreviate aboriginal agent restarts from accessory movements of the driver’s bottom on the anchor pedal. Restart noise, beating and acerbity accept been bargain via revised controls and switchable agent mounts.

The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 agent is rated for a towing accommodation of up to 6,200 pounds and an estimated class-leading alive ambit of about 500 miles.

VVT with dual-independent cam phasing enables bigger ammunition ability beyond a avant-garde torque bandage in the Pentastar V-6. About 90 percent of the engine’s aiguille torque is attainable from 1,800 to 6,400 rpm – an important appliance aback towing or hauling. 

10.10 Heimkino-Planung - Seite 10 - Nubert Lautsprecher, HiFi- und

10.10 Heimkino-Planung – Seite 10 – Nubert Lautsprecher, HiFi- und | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

Buyers who appetite added ability can opt for the award-winning 5.7-liter V-8, rated at 357 appliance and 390 lb.-ft. of torque delivered over a ample ability band.

The V-8, with a foundation of a cast-iron block and aluminum butt heads, delivers achievement and ability with VVT and Ammunition Saver Technology (cylinder deactivation). With Ammunition Saver Technology, the agent ascendancy computer turns off ammunition and atom and closes the valves to four of the engine’s cylinders during light-load operation, such as artery cruising, aback abounding ability is not needed. The arrangement anon re-engages the deactivated cylinders aback the disciplinarian presses on the accelerator pedal.

The 5.7-liter V-8 has a class-leading towing accommodation of up to 7,200 pounds.

The Grand Cherokee L’s V-8 agent uses butt shut-off technology that deactivates four cylinders during ablaze dispatch or canoeing situations on the highway. The arrangement is alive in an broadcast arena with account to the antecedent ancestors and is ephemeral to the driver. It provides V-8 ability for dispatch and abundant endless and four-cylinder operation aback the torque claim is beneath than the best attainable from four cylinders. Depending on the alive scenario, butt shutoff can admission ammunition abridgement from 5 to 20 percent.

Fuel abridgement is added added with VVT technology that reduces the engine’s pumping assignment by closing the assimilation valve afterwards and by accretion the amplification action of the agitation event. This allows added activity to be transferred to the auto instead of actuality absent out of the bankrupt as heat. VVT additionally improves agent breathing, which improves agent ability and power. 

Each agent mates to the durable, able-bodied TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission, which enhances ammunition abridgement and delivers brittle and bland accessory changes. The boundless of accessory ratios helps accumulate the agent rpm in the ideal ambit for the assignment – whether it’s canoeing on the artery or exploring off-road trails. On-the-fly shift-map alteration enables the manual to bound acclimatize its about-face action to bout the driver’s demands based on inputs, such as agent torque changes, acropolis detection, temperature and longitudinal and crabbed acceleration.

New for the 2021 Grand Cherokee L 4×4 is avant-garde arbor disconnect. If the agent senses that alley altitude do not crave all-wheel drive, the avant-garde arbor abstract automatically places the Grand Cherokee L in two-wheel drive, abbreviation annoyance on the driveline and convalescent ammunition economy. Four-wheel drive automatically re-engages aback the agent senses it is needed.

Design: Unparalleled refinement, uncompromising craftsmanshipExteriorFrom the moment Auto alien the Grand Cherokee in 1992, it presented the apple article it had never apparent before. The best acclaimed SUV anytime set a new industry criterion and bound became alike with alike architectonics and uncompromised capability. Fast avant-garde decades later, the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L continues to anatomy on its appreciative legacy, while adopting the bar in affluence and performance.

“The Auto architectonics aggregation envisioned a avant-garde artful for the all-new 2021 Grand Cherokee L – they formed to carve it bottomward and gave it a apple-pie and adapted aberrant actualization tailored for today’s customer,” said Mark Allen, Arch of Auto Exoteric Design, FCA. “The architectonics for the first-ever three-row Grand Cherokee pays account to its ancestry and ceremoniousness its commonsensical roots. The after-effects reflect its aberrant characteristics, abreast actualization and allegorical adequacy that has accurate the Grand Cherokee aback its inception.” 

The admeasurement of the all-new Grand Cherokee L was aggressive by the aboriginal Wagoneer, aboriginal full-size affluence SUV from Jeep. Grand Cherokee L’s angular contour actualization a best awning and cab, which accouterment the agent aback to accord a faculty of motion with a attainable to acknowledge response. A forward-tipped grille added enhances the breadth of the awning and gives a admiring nod to Wagoneer’s iconic design. A lowered, cone-shaped roof improves aerodynamic achievement and ability afterwards sacrificing its burden admeasurement and utility. 

Most conspicuously adapted is the face of the Grand Cherokee L. All-new abbreviate LED headlights are the primary focal point and accentuate the abstruse actualization of the vehicle. The signature seven-slot grille has been adapted to be added with beyond alone openings and is categorical in affected trim that underscores its avant-garde lighting and emphasizes the amplitude of the vehicle. Beneath the grille, the new avant-garde fascia is proportionally beyond than antecedent generations, advised for action while befitting the aggressive admission bend for which the Grand Cherokee is known. Its geometric actualization conveys purpose while abacus a slight academism to the all-embracing avant-garde theme. The beyond aperture with textural elements conceals an all-new, all-embracing alarm basic and added avant-garde technology features, including alive grille shutters, to advice advance on-road achievement and ammunition efficiency. 

From the side, a bargain beltline and all-embracing bottle acquiesce for a added ample berth and added visibility. The roofline appears to float abode of a new window abstraction architectonics that begins at the abject of the ancillary mirror and campaign continuously to the rear division window and to the abject of the aback light. This trim analysis stands out alike added aback selecting the Gloss Black roof, which is attainable for the aboriginal time on Overland models and comes accepted on Summit models. A new roof arbor architectonics consists of a atypical ancillary abuse cap to actualize a seamless appearance. Anatomy cladding and ablaze assignment accept been kept to a minimum to adjust with the vehicle’s avant-garde tailored aesthetic. 

A widened clue (36mm increase) gives the Grand Cherokee L’s attitude a quiet confidence. The caster flares are pulled tautly about the tires to strengthen the Grand Cherokee L’s stature. The tires are alike with the anatomy ancillary to advertise signature trapezoidal caster arches and, for the aboriginal time on a Grand Cherokee, 21-inch auto appear accepted with the Summit Assets Package.  

Continuing with its avant-garde theme, the rear of the agent is tailored and the bargain beltline contributes to the all-embracing rear window. Sleek, high-set LED taillamps are advised to visually administer the rear accommodation and reinforce the abstruse aspect of the vehicle. A altered actualization band anon beneath the taillamps provides a beheld breach and carries about to the ancillary of the agent to affiliate the rear and anatomy ancillary in a adapted way. A new rear fascia and LED fog lamps are underscored by emphasis trim that corresponds with the avant-garde and provides beheld amplitude to the rear. 

New vertical-pillar spoilers added to the tailgate advice abate on-road drag. A rearview camera with washer has been tucked neatly into the tailgate spoiler, which additionally actualization a new LED centermost high-mounted stop lamp. Added rear elements, including a accepted chip tow block awning and fascia-mounted bankrupt tips, board a finished, custom look. Overland and Summit models appear accepted with a hands-free, foot-activated ability liftgate.  

For the aboriginal time, a premium, abounding apartment of LED lighting is accepted on all Auto Grand Cherokee trim levels, which acclimatized for architectonics adaptability and helped to actualization the actualization of the vehicle. 

Ultra abbreviate headlamps with altered signature lighting set into Gloss Black bezels, forth with abbreviate accumbent fog lamps, accurate the austere attributes of the avant-garde end and acquiesce the Grand Cherokee L to be instantly apparent both during the day and at night.

In the rear, ultra abbreviate taillamps with altered lit signatures complete the lighting story. Added elements board approach-lit aperture handles and dabble lighting projected from the rearview mirror, which are accepted on the Overland and Summit models.  

InteriorWhen it came to the autogenous architectonics of 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L, the team’s cold was to actualize one of the best admirable and technically avant-garde interiors in the industry. The next-generation autogenous evolves to actualize a added artful expression, featuring handcrafted abstracts with an absorption to detail and avant-garde amenities that brace seamlessly with its new angular and tailored exterior. 

“The cold for the autogenous architectonics aggregation was to actualize a altered account for 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L. We beheld the all-embracing architectonics action through a avant-garde lens that acclimatized us to use a new bearing of Auto interiors,” said Chris Benjamin, Arch of Jeep, Chrysler and Avant-garde Autogenous Design, FCA. “While the Auto Grand Cherokee autogenous has been alike with sophistication, our admission to the three-row adaptation was to advertise acclaimed details, handcrafted abstracts and avant-garde amenities that brace seamlessly with its tailored exterior.” 

Immediately aloft entry, the disciplinarian and avant-garde commuter will apprehension how the Grand Cherokee L’s new blueprint adds ambit and symmetry. The apparatus animate has been ample and angled to actualize admeasurement that is acclaimed through an alive adverse of balmy accurate abstracts and glassy avant-garde technologies. 

Harmonious apparent emphasis is conveyed by a sculpted, accumbent applique that runs the absolute breadth of the avant-garde panel. Focus is fatigued to a structural metal trim that stretches the breadth of the animate and sweeps advancement to account new abbreviate HVAC vents. The glassy trim frames the sculpted acclimatized copse accent, which is offered in open-pore Absolute Oak on Summit and open-pore Waxed Walnut on the Summit Assets Package. The layering of the wood, covering and metal abstracts emphasizes the accumbent affair and surrounds cartage with a beheld masterpiece. 

The affluent mix of abstracts are assorted by the adult beheading of the centermost stack, which has been realigned and is now alike added attainable to the driver. A bright, structural aspect neatly frames the next-generation, 10.1-inch affectation for the new Uconnect 5 system. Additionally new is a 10.25-inch frameless agenda barometer array with about two dozen altered airheaded from which the user can select, including driver-assist technologies such as adaptive cruise control, artery assist, night vision, comatose disciplinarian apprehension and dispatch absolute cartage signs affectation (if equipped). To ascendancy the agenda cluster, the Grand Cherokee L actualization an all-new multifunction council caster with paddle shifters. Summit models appear accepted with a leather-wrapped Absolute Oak council wheel, and the Summit Assets Amalgamation adds Waxed Walnut copse accents. 

The animate has been reimagined and now boasts an all-new blueprint featuring a bright Piano Black finish. The centermost animate is accent by an all-new drive ascendancy centermost with a backlit, metal rotary shifter that delivers haptic acknowledgment aback engaged. To accent its accurate Auto character, the shifter is belted by the ride acme and Selec-Terrain switches. New automatic cup holders acquiesce for added amplitude and accumulator in the avant-garde bin, which can authority two wireless accessories and actualization an alternative wireless charger that can allegation two accessories simultaneously. 

An all-new Auto basement architectonics has been alien on the Grand Cherokee L, featuring a length-adjustable beanbag for the avant-garde row in Overland and Summit models, which is an FCA first. First-row seats with ability 16-way adjustable position with anamnesis and lumbar are attainable on Overland and accepted on Summit. Bank aback beating that includes bristles customizable profiles with three levels of burden acuteness is attainable on Overland and accepted on Summit models. Heated seats in the aboriginal two rows, with three-level configurable controls for abandoned commuter comfort, are accepted on Bound models and above. Aerial front-row seats are attainable on Bound and accepted on Overland and Summit models. Aerial seats in the added row appear accepted on the Summit Assets Package. 

In the rear berth of Summit models, accepted captain’s chairs abut a new second-row animate that provides acceptable accumulator and cup holders. The animate was advised analogously to the avant-garde console, while sculpted for functionality and uncompromised leg and bottom allowance for third-row occupants. For all models, the rear berth actualization bendable armrests color-keyed to the covering seats, added accumulator and cup holders, added a class-leading cardinal of 12 USB Type A and Type C ports for wireless devices. 

A abounding apartment of all-new customizable autogenous LED lighting with daytime/nighttime settings is now accepted on all models. True ambient lighting with a five-color selection, an FCA first, casts an agreeable afterglow forth the absolute apparatus panel, as able-bodied as the avant-garde and rear doors. This affection is accepted on the Overland and Summit models for a abandoned acoustic experience. 

Passenger abundance is activated in Summit models with four-zone automatic temperature control, which has the adequacy to baddest altered fan levels and modes for alone cartage in the aboriginal and added rows. The arrangement additionally offers four altered temperature settings. For the aboriginal time in an FCA vehicle, the second- and third-row vents, now added and slimmer, are placed in the pillars, as against to overhead, to bigger ambition commuter abundance zones afterwards compromising allowance or visibility. 

Grand Cherokee L introduces a new aberrant package, Summit Reserve, that sets the criterion for affluence in the full-size SUV segment. Aberrant hand-wrapped, checky Palermo leather, aerial avant-garde and second-row seats, anamnesis and beating avant-garde seats and best of a new Tupelo autogenous blush add apparent accommodation to the model. Additionally altered to the Summit Assets Amalgamation is 18-carat open-pore Waxed Walnut copse and premium, wrapped, suede-like bolt on the A-pillars and headliner.

Available aboriginal in the 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L, FCA is currently the alone automotive architect in the apple to backpack a McIntosh audio complete system. The aberrant McIntosh audio arrangement is attainable on Overland and Summit models and comes accepted with the Summit Assets Package. The advanced, high-performance audio arrangement actualization a 17-channel amplifier with a best achievement of 950 watts and 19 speakers, including a 10-inch subwoofer, to envelope agent occupants in high-definition sound. The aggregate eyes amid FCA and McIntosh architectonics teams resulted in a Auto audio arrangement with the aforementioned akin of actuality and architectonics affection begin on McIntosh home audio products. The arrangement accentuates the adapted and aberrant feel of the vehicle’s new autogenous design. Metal accents on Piano Black surfaces, aflame branding and McIntosh’s signature blue-glowing ability beat added body the avant-garde touches of affluence aural the cabin’s interior. 

Overland and Summit models board the CommandView dual-pane sunroof with a ability covering (available on Limited). The Laredo archetypal actualization an attainable single-pane sunroof. 

New levels of dimensionalityDesigned to aerate all-embracing commuter comfort, the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L delivers incomparable third-row accommodation and added burden volume. The vehicle’s 121.7-inch (3,091mm) wheelbase creates acceptable autogenous allowance and gives cartage expansive, class-leading legroom in the added row. 

Speaker installation AVR-X10H

Speaker installation AVR-X10H | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

For bigger agent access, Grand Cherokee L actualization beyond second-row aperture openings than antecedent generations. They attainable 64 degrees with an ingress/egress exoteric ancillary step. 

Inside, aberrant basement includes allowance for six or seven passengers. The added row comes with accepted “tip and slide” brazier seats (optional bench), 7 inches (180mm) of fore/aft biking and an attainable power-folding third row. Second-row brazier seats can be calmly confused to actualize all-embracing admission to the third row. Adolescent assurance seats installed in the added row do not accept to be removed to admission the third row. Advised with commuter abundance in mind, the ample third row provides 37.3 inches (947mm) of arch room.

For added disciplinarian abundance and convenience, a car-molded artificial asleep pedal and chip side-door accumulator bin for a wireless accessory appear accepted on all models. To accomplish cartage added comfortable, the second-row seats recline 18 degrees.

Grand Cherokee L delivers added rear burden aggregate abaft the added row (46.9 cu. ft.). The third-row bank actualization a 50/50 breach and is calmly bankrupt from the rear of the vehicle. For alike added utility, both the second- and third-row seats bend avant-garde into a flat-load floor. Aback the second- and third-row seats are bankrupt flat, the best burden amplitude is 84.6 cu. ft.

The architectonics of Grand Cherokee L allows added afterimage compared with antecedent generations, carrying best-in-class side-window afterimage for all basement rows. Noticeable improvements were fabricated to abode and abbreviate side- and rear-view colonnade obscurations (visibility advance of seven degrees). The use of all-embracing bottle allows for a added ample berth and additionally contributes to greater visibility.

The Grand Cherokee L is the aboriginal FCA agent to affection an cyberbanking alien absolution in the rear burden breadth to bound and calmly bend the added row collapsed (standard captain’s chairs and alternative bench). The affection is accepted on Overland and Summit.

A programmable acme affection that allows the liftgate aperture to be set at a alleged amount is accepted on Limited, Overland and Summit models and attainable on Laredo. Overland and Summit models appear accepted with a hands-free, foot-activated ability liftgate. 

Most advanced, high-tech assurance and aegis actualization in its class The all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L offers added than 110 assurance and aegis features, including avant-garde applications of technologies that clarify the affiliation amid driver, agent and the road.

Segment-leading innovationThe Grand Cherokee L arrives with a class-leading apartment of actualization that bear on the affiance of alive confidence, for which the Auto cast is renowned. These actualization enhance a driver’s acreage of vision, advice accomplish chart easier to see and accredit driver-assist capabilities that board blow avoidance.

Active Alive Abetment is FCA’s name for Akin 2 (L2) automatic alive adequacy and the technology affirms the company’s advance against an free future. The Grand Cherokee L is attainable with Alive Alive Abetment for hands-on-wheel and eyes-on-road automatic alive appliance lane-centering with adaptive cruise control. The arrangement uses assorted sensors, including radars and cameras to behest adapted anchorage for the technology. Alive Alive Abetment is attainable on Overland and accepted on Summit models.

Hands-free Alive Alive Assistis FCA’s name for hands-free L2 assisted alive and will be attainable in backward 2021 for 2022 model-year Grand Cherokee L Overland and Summit models. It offers hands-free alive at all speeds and lane absorption on acclimatized roadways for alike greater alive convenience. The arrangement additionally will predictively apathetic the agent bottomward in bound curves and automatically resume ascendancy afterwards the disciplinarian overrides and verifies that he or she is advantageous absorption to the road.

Night Eyes Camera, attainable on Overland and Summit models, uses thermographic technology to augment the ability of the Grand Cherokee L’s headlamps. Bittersweet sensors chase for the calefaction signatures of pedestrians and animals in the alley ahead, at distances up to 219 yards (200 meters). Aback located, an alive with their positions about to the agent are categorical in the apparatus array anon in avant-garde of the driver.

Ergonomics are a key account of the available, full-color Head-up Affectation (HUD). Attainable on Overland and Summit models, the arrangement provides the disciplinarian with up to bristles altered advice elements, including Alive Lane Management, adaptive cruise control, turn-by-turn navigation, accepted speed, accepted accessory and dispatch limit.

Intersection Blow Abetment helps ascertain cartage abutting from the driver’s larboard and appropriate aback advancing a crossroad. Four alarm sensors and one camera actuate if a blow appears imminent, bidding the arrangement to board aural and beheld alerts. If the disciplinarian does not respond, the arrangement automatically activates the vehicle’s brakes. The affection is accepted on Summit models.

Drowsy Disciplinarian Apprehension advance agent movement, such as lane deviation, and interaction, such as steering-wheel ascribe over time, for alive behavior constant with that of a comatose driver. Aback assertive thresholds are reached, the arrangement responds with audio and/or beheld cautions for the disciplinarian to cull over. The affection comes accepted on Summit models.

The Agenda Rearview Camera system, alternative on Bound models and above, replaces the accepted rearview mirror with a 9.2-inch-wide Liquid Crystal Affectation (LCD) that shows real-time video from a rear-facing camera. Unlike a accepted rearview mirror, the new agenda camera arrangement offers a actualization that is bare by the D-pillars or rear seats. Aback not in use as a display, the awning reverts aback to a cogitating mirror.

Traffic Sign Recognition, accepted on Summit models, uses a forward-facing camera to analyze dispatch absolute and accompanying cartage signs, such as those cogent academy and architecture zones. 

An added assurance and aegis affection on Grand Cherokee L is Beleaguer Actualization Camera. Attainable on Bound and Overland, accepted on Summit models, the arrangement offers 360-degree, bird’s-eye bend of the agent and its surroundings, added by activating gridlines displayed on a 10.1-inch agenda touchscreen. With avant-garde and rear lens washers, the arrangement is added by ParkSense avant-garde esplanade assist, which helps the disciplinarian acclimatize the vehicle. 

Equipment levels on the Summit archetypal are activated alike added with accepted Parallel and Perpendicular Esplanade Assist, which uses accelerated sensors to adviser the disciplinarian into parking spaces. FCA is the aboriginal automaker to use this technology with a live, committed actualization on the infotainment awning for attainable viewing. 

Among the accepted assurance actualization beyond the Grand Cherokee L calendar are:

The Grand Cherokee L additionally offers a abounding apartment of LED lighting. LED headlamps board aberrant achievement with a counterbalanced arbor of ablaze that minimizes blaze for advancing traffic, while acceleration the ablaze achievement anon in avant-garde of the agent for bigger beam of the alley ahead. Ancillary lighting improves afterimage while cornering and is activated by either council caster bend ascribe or about-face arresting activations aback the headlamps are on.

The Grand Cherokee L’s avant-garde engineering leverages the attributes of high-strength animate to advice absolute blast activity abroad from the cabin. It additionally actualization eight air bags, including affection side-curtain air bags, which extend aegis to avant-garde and rear outboard passengers, and seat-mounted ancillary bust air accoutrements that enhance aegis for the disciplinarian and avant-garde passenger.

Standard-equipment alive arch restraints advice abate abrasion risks associated with rear collisions, while there are three LATCH positions for safety-seat adjustment aback the agent is configured with a second-row bench.

Advanced technology: Segment-leading offeringsThe best technologically able Auto Grand Cherokee anytime actualization cogent next-generation innovations, including the avant-garde Uconnect 5 system, rear-seat ecology camera, agenda rearview mirror, windshield HUD, frameless agenda array and a McIntosh 19-speaker aberrant audio system.

All-new Uconnect 5 systemThe 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L actualization the latest, best avant-garde Uconnect arrangement ever, with a 10.1-inch affectation and automatic user experience. The all-new Uconnect 5 delivers operating speeds that are bristles times faster aback compared to the antecedent generation. By appliance an Android operating arrangement and over-the-air (OTA) updates, Uconnect 5 brings adaptability that will acquiesce the arrangement to continuously advance to action new content, actualization and services.

The Uconnect 5 arrangement offers added affiliated casework and actualization for incomparable affluence of use. The apartment of arrangement highlights includes:

The Grand Cherokee L is well-equipped to accumulate agent occupants affiliated while on the go. Functionality is added for front-row cartage with an attainable wireless charging pad, added accepted bifold USB Type C ports that acquiesce accessories to allegation up to four times faster. The Auto Grand Cherokee L delivers a class-leading absolute of 12 USB Type A and Type C ports for all three rows. Third-row distinct USB ports are alternative in Laredo and accepted on Bound and up.

Rear-seat ecology cameraThe 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L includes an attainable rear-seat ecology camera system, which projects a best-in-class, high-definition angel and delivers several segment-exclusive features, including a bright actualization of second-row, rear-facing adolescent bank occupants, a split-view affectation and a altered “zoom-to-seat” function.

Rear-seat camera bend are attainable through the 10.1-inch Uconnect touchscreen and acquiesce the disciplinarian to bound actualization the absolute cabin, as able-bodied as calmly zoom in on anniversary bank location. Anamnesis ambience functions accumulate the zoomed angel focused on the best contempo position viewed, acceptable in affluence of use and attached disciplinarian distraction. 

The camera is positioned on the amateur amid the second- and third-row seats. Three bittersweet lights beleaguer the camera and brighten the berth in low-light conditions. The arrangement automatically switches amid day and night modes for added afterimage and convenience. The rear-seat ecology camera is attainable on Limited, Overland and Summit models. 

Digital firstsThe 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L is the aboriginal accumulation Auto agent to action a absolutely agenda rearview mirror. The agenda rearview mirror displays video in absolute time from a rear-facing camera, alms an angel that is bare by the D-pillars or rear seats. It additionally reverts aback to a acceptable cogitating mirror. The agenda rearview mirror is attainable on Limited, Overland and Summit models and provides an bare rear actualization that enhances assurance and prevents accidents. 

Additionally, the Grand Cherokee L is the aboriginal accumulation Auto agent to action a windshield HUD. Attainable on Overland and above, the full-color affectation is configurable up to 10 inches and actualization three predefined configurations and a custom approach with a best of four reconfigurable layouts. The HUD provides key agent advice to the disciplinarian including, speed, dispatch limit, aeronautics and disciplinarian abetment systems. All HUD settings can be abandoned and adored aural the disciplinarian profiles. 

Dolby ATMOS Ceiling Speaker Placement 10.10.10, 10.10.10, 10.10.10 Made EASY!!

Dolby ATMOS Ceiling Speaker Placement 10.10.10, 10.10.10, 10.10.10 Made EASY!! | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

Also new for Grand Cherokee L is a accepted 10.25-inch frameless agenda barometer and array with about two dozen altered airheaded from which the user can select, including driver-assist technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, Alive Alive Assist, Night Vision, Comatose Disciplinarian Apprehension and Cartage Sign Recognition (if equipped). Added settings board media actuality played, accession identification, agenda dispatch readout, drive modes or annoy pressure. Additionally offered is a full-screen, turn-by-turn aeronautics map and off-road pitch-and-roll display. The full-color array actualization bristles reconfigurable tiles for at-a-glance abstracts or quick and attainable admission to the best acclimated information. Drivers may accept amid analog or agenda instrumentation. All array settings can be adored to a user contour as allotment of Grand Cherokee L’s abounding agent customization and automatically recalled for anniversary driver. On-screen cartoon are delivered in real-time, activated 3D. 

Design-focused audio, acme of aberrant soundFor added than 70 years, McIntosh has provided handcrafted, made-in-America, high-end home audio articles to music lovers about the globe. McIntosh has additionally powered presidential commencement speeches and some of the best iconic moments in music history. Attainable aboriginal in the 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L, FCA is currently the alone automotive architect in the apple to backpack a McIntosh complete system. 

Superior audio achievement is delivered through 19 custom-designed speakers, including a 10-inch subwoofer that are strategically placed throughout the autogenous berth for a powerful, accurate and abundant surround-sound experience. A 17-channel, 950-watt amplifier was accurately advised to ability the speakers to board clean, brittle aerial addendum and deep, low frequencies throughout the cabin. 

The aberrant McIntosh audio arrangement for the Grand Cherokee L has been professionally activated and acquainted to acclaim the vehicle’s altered autogenous aggregate and layout. To advice anticipate accident to the speakers, the audio arrangement is able with McIntosh’s Ability Guard® Technology. The position of the speakers aural the agent berth and added congenital technologies, including a Low Distortion/High Achievement (LD/HP) design, helps lower baloney and provides an unparalleled alert experience. 

In accession to an affected complete quality, the McIntosh arrangement for the Grand Cherokee L is advised to accompaniment the vehicle’s high-end autogenous and absorb notable McIntosh architectonics cues. Special absorption to detail was acclimatized to ensure that the audio system’s adorned controls replicated the attending of McIntosh amplifier ascendancy knobs. The McIntosh logos on the aperture apostle grilles are LED backlit in the brand’s signature dejected blush to acclaim the interior’s new custom ambient lighting. Similar to the attending and feel of McIntosh home audio products, the Grand Cherokee L’s subwoofer grille is emblazoned with the McIntosh “Mc” logo as it appears in McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™. 

The aberrant McIntosh audio arrangement is attainable on Overland and Summit models and comes accepted aback able with the Summit Assets Package. 

Jeep Wave chump affliction programJeep Wave is a aberrant buyer adherence affairs abounding with agitative allowances and absolute allowances created to bear Auto owners the absolute affliction and committed 24/7 support. The Auto Wave chump account affairs is attainable to the absolute Auto cast lineup, including the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L. 

Jeep Wave affairs highlights include:

Manufacturing: Proudly congenital in the Motor CityThe all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L is congenital at the new Detroit Accumulation Circuitous – Mack Plant, the city’s aboriginal new accomplishment ability in about three decades. FCA invested $1.6 billion to anatomy a 790,000-square-foot acrylic boutique and to catechumen the two aboriginal Mack Avenue agent plants into an absolutely new accumulation site. The advance additionally added 3,850 new jobs to abutment accumulation of the aboriginal anytime three-row Auto Grand Cherokee, as able-bodied as the new two-row adaptation and abutting electrified models. The bulb is appointed to barrage in the aboriginal division of 2021.

Intricate avenue to aloft qualityIt’s one affair to reimagine the world’s most-awarded SUV on paper; it’s absolutely addition to ensure it looks and performs the way it should on (and off) the road.

To barrage the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L, FCA engineers leveraged decades of bookish basic and acclimatized themselves to be guided by the adventuresome spirit of Auto customers.

“There’s a acumen Auto barter are so demanding,” says Mark Champine, Arch of Quality, FCA – North America. “They’ve developed acclimatized to activity wherever they want, whenever they want, with a spirit that’s altered to Jeep. It’s our job to bear on those expectations.”

Gap and flushWhile the all-new Auto Grand Cherokee L leads its competitors by a avant-garde gap, FCA is laser focused – absolutely – on aspersing gaps.

The anew complete Detroit Accumulation Circuitous – Mack, which is home to the Grand Cherokee L, actualization a altitude corpuscle that combines laser ablaze with alarm to analysis body-panel geometry. Every agent congenital at the new armpit passes through this cell, which helps ensure fit and accomplishment that is absolute and uniform.

Previously active by FCA in a body-shop application, the corpuscle at Detroit Accumulation Circuitous – Mack marks the aboriginal appliance of “gap and flush” technology at the end of a accumulation line.

The technology affords greater repeatability and accurateness than accepted camera-based barometer systems. As a result, the characteristic contour of anniversary and every Grand Cherokee L mirrors the anxious eyes of Auto designers. 

More ChalmaFCA’s new accomplishment armpit additionally boasts a clue area distinctively accomplished workers conduct acknowledging testing for acute attributes, such as cabin-quiet. But the 2021 Grand Cherokee L’s alley to aloft affection absolutely started axial a chip and anguish its way to Detroit from axial Mexico, via FCA’s proving area in adjacent Chelsea, Michigan. 

Usage abstracts was calm from owners of previous-generation Grand Cherokee vehicles. Already analyzed, the administration was clear: To added accession body/chassis durability, addition key chump demand, FCA engineers alleged for “more Chalma.” 

The name ceremoniousness a avenue aloof south of Mexico City that was already so asperous as to be about impassable. Recreated in cruel accurate at FCA’s Chelsea Proving Grounds, “Chalma Road” is pocked with potholes, analgesic cobblestones and two kinds of betraying trenches – askew and transverse. 

The Grand Cherokee L’s architectonics allowances from 1,000 hours of anfractuous testing on this adverse highway. Which is alone fitting, Champine says, because “the alone things tougher than Auto cast cartage are their owners.” 

Established bequest of luxurious, able Auto SUVsBuilt on 80 years of allegorical heritage, every Auto agent has a arresting birth and altered personality. Anniversary is accurate with class-leading adequacy and versatility. The Auto Grand Cherokee is no exception. The antecedent admission of the Grand Cherokee set a new industry criterion for affluence and adequacy and ushered in four acclaimed ancestors that would advance to it acceptable the best awarded SUV in history. 

First- and second-generation Auto Grand Cherokee (ZJ/WJ): 1993-2004The Auto Grand Cherokee fabricated its abominable admission by abolition through the assemblage centermost bottle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 7, 1992. The aboriginal SUV able with a driver-side air bag, it set new standards for on-road ride, administration and abundance in an SUV. The 105.9-inch-wheelbase Grand Cherokee took clarification to a new level. A new Quadra-Coil abeyance featured a coil/multilink configuration. A 5.2-liter V-8 agent was offered as an advantage and a Dana 44 rear arbor was attainable for some models. 

Third-generation Auto Grand Cherokee (WK): 2005-2010A complete redesign of the ZJ/WJ, the all-new Grand Cherokee accumulated power, affluence and a decidedly quieter, added adequate ride. Auto engineers formed adamantine to advance on-road clarification by abacus a short/long-arm absolute avant-garde suspension. The ground-up transformation connected with a best of three ability plants, including the boss 330-horsepower 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 engine. The 2006 Auto Grand Cherokee SRT8 featured a 6.1-liter HEMI V-8 with 420 appliance and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, 20-inch failing artificial auto and four-piston Brembo brakes. The attainable full-time Quadra-Drive II 4×4 arrangement featured avant-garde and rear bound blooper differentials and a centermost differential-lock that operated in low-range.

Fourth-generation Auto Grand Cherokee (WK2): 2011-presentAll-new for 2011 and added than 4 actor sales afterwards the addition of the aboriginal Grand Cherokee, Auto bigger the blueprint to bear the absolute alloy of on-road clarification and off-road capability, with bigger ammunition economy, a world-class interior, a glassy new exoteric architectonics and a host of assurance and technology features. A Trailhawk archetypal was alien in 2017 with accepted Quadra-Lift air suspension, the Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, all-terrain tires and a Drift Plate Package. The new Trackhawk was appear as the quickest and best able SUV ever. It boasted a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V-8 engine, adapted agent cooling, high-performance Brembo anchor arrangement and Barrage approach for an absurd clue performance.

Unique Mopar options for Auto Grand Cherokee LMopar will action added than 75 factory-engineered, quality-tested genitalia and accessories for the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L. The first-ever three-row Grand Cherokee is set to abide its bequest as the best acclaimed SUV anytime with allegorical 4×4 capability, bigger on-road refinement, and aberrant administration and adroitness axial and out. Mopar offers added than 500 accurate Auto Achievement Genitalia and accessories for the absolute Auto lineup.

Specifically developed for the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L, attainable Mopar articles will affection active-lifestyle and personalization accessories, including new chip ancillary steps, new three-row all-weather attic mats and burden mats, new rear-seat ball system, molded burst guards, paint-protection film, roof-rack cantankerous bars, bedrock balustrade and altered 21-inch Mopar wheels. Added abundant advice on Mopar’s offerings for the all-new 2021 Auto Grand Cherokee L will be fabricated attainable afterpiece to launch.  

Unlike any added aftermarket offerings, Mopar genitalia and accessories are backed by a abounding branch warranty. Mopar articles are created in abutting affiliation with the Auto brand, engineering and artefact design-office teams for development, testing and validation. Strict standards and factory-exclusive abstracts — advice not attainable to the aftermarket — are acclimated to seamlessly accommodate Mopar achievement genitalia and accessories in adjustment to bear able fit, accomplishment and affection appropriate bottomward to the color, atom and actualization of anniversary product.

Jeep BrandBuilt on 80 years of allegorical heritage, Auto is the accurate SUV with capability, adroitness and versatility for bodies who seek amazing journeys. The Auto cast delivers an attainable allurement to alive activity to the fullest by alms a abounding band of cartage that abide to board owners with a faculty of aegis to handle any adventure with confidence. Jeep Wave, a aberrant buyer adherence and customer affliction affairs that is attainable to the absolute Auto lineup, is abounding with allowances and absolute allowances to bear Auto owners the absolute affliction and committed 24/7 support.

The Auto agent calendar consists of the Cherokee, Compass, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, Renegade and Wrangler. To accommodated customer appeal about the world, all Auto models awash alfresco North America are attainable in both left- and right-hand drive configurations and with gasoline and agent powertrain options. Auto is allotment of the portfolio of brands offered by all-around automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. For added advice apropos FCA (NYSE: FCAU/ MTA: FCA), amuse appointment www.fcagroup.com.

Follow Auto and FCA account and video on:Company blog: https://blog.fcanorthamerica.comMedia website: https://media.fcanorthamerica.comJeep brand: www.jeep.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/jeep or https://www.facebook.com/FiatChrysler.NorthAmerica/Instagram: www.instagram.com/jeep or www.instagram.com/FiatChrysler_NA Twitter: www.twitter.com/jeep or www.twitter.com/FiatChrysler_NAYouTube: www.youtube.com/thejeepchannel or www.youtube.com/fcanorthamerica  


Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Speaker Configuration and

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Speaker Configuration and | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

Actualization aboriginal agreeable to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/all-new-2021-jeep-grand-cherokee-breaks-new-ground-in-the-full-size-suv-segment-301202884.html


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Onkyo Meets Dolby Atmos

Onkyo Meets Dolby Atmos | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

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Dolby Atmos Receiver with 10.10.10 Possible? AVForums | 9.2 surround sound speaker placement

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Photos of the Seven Things To Avoid In 9.2 Surround Sound Speaker Placement | 9.2 Surround Sound Speaker Placement

10.10 Heimkino-Planung - Seite 10 - Nubert Lautsprecher, HiFi- und  - 9.2 surround sound speaker placementOnkyo Meets Dolby Atmos - 9.2 surround sound speaker placementHow Do I Position Loudspeakers for My Home Theater System? - 9.2 surround sound speaker placement10.10 Surround with ONKYO n' Klipsch - Home Theater - The Klipsch  - 9.2 surround sound speaker placementSpeaker installation AVR-X10H - 9.2 surround sound speaker placementHow to set up your home theater with Dolby Atmos surround sound  - 9.2 surround sound speaker placementDolby ATMOS Ceiling Speaker Placement 10.10.10, 10.10.10, 10.10.10 Made EASY!! - 9.2 surround sound speaker placementDTS Neo:X 100.10 Surround Sound Format Debuts - ecoustics.com  Home  - 9.2 surround sound speaker placement


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