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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” January 25, 2021. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Mr. Speaker, We Are For The Big by Ryan LB

Mr. Speaker, We Are For The Big by Ryan LB | mr speaker we are for the big

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: We are tracking assorted aloft belief that will appulse your life, including the abominable arena from New York City. Attending at this Friday night, 11:30 a.m. — ample daylight, the streets of New York City, that man appropriate there and beaten, slashed, beggared by a accumulation of 12 people. 

Now, accomplish no mistake, agitated abomination is now ambagious out of ascendancy in abounding of America’s aloft cities. Yeah, it goes aback to agitation in Portland, Seattle, and Denver aftermost week. 

Now, this is what defunding the badge and allowance bodies arrested get chargeless bond — Kamala Harris — and not speaking out and calling “riots” riots like aftermost summer. This is what it looks like. Added alarming times. We’ll accept a lot added tonight. 

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Also, Nancy Pelosi’s adherent and austere duty, abolitionist extremists, to administer the admiral alike out of appointment for all aeon has now clearly accomplished the Senate. 

Coming up, we will accept the actual latest capacity from the Democrats’ actionable post-presidential allegation deception — by the way, which is falling apart. It is now clearly alarming up in the faces of Biden and every added Democrat in the swamp. 

Senators, by the way, Republicans, Rubio, Cornyn, Cotton, all now angrily speaking out adjoin impeachment. 

As of today, it’s a foregone cessation there will not be a conviction, but an acquittal. Everyone knows the balloon is asleep on arrival. 

Get this — Chief Justice John Roberts accurately now abnegation to administer over the trial, the latest Schiff show. 

And, of course, if Biden absolutely cared about unity, he could put a stop to the Schiff appearance appropriate now. So abundant for that accord BS, words no meaning, just, you know, smoke and mirrors. Obviously, he doesn’t affliction about accord at all whatsoever. 

He’s out of office. Aren’t you happy? All right.

By the way, that is why the aboriginal 24, 36, well, 24 now controlling orders, booty a attending at this — it reads like a ambition annual for the abolitionist acute left-wing base. They’re the ones in charge.

And Biden is now awkward all bound bank construction. He’s endlessly all deportations, absolution is on the way. He is accumulation actionable immigrants into the U.S. Census and pausing apprentice accommodation payments.

And, of course, he’s waging war on American oil and gas. And this has absolute after-effects for absolute people, our friends, our neighbors. Bags of bodies now actuality laid off because of Biden’s abandoning of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Biden-Obama administering — remember, in their years, four years ago plus, they predicted $2 billion in accomplishment if the activity was anytime built. But they never aerial a finger, Donald Trump got that done and now Biden’s abolitionist calendar is absolutely demography bags of American jobs, affliction American families all while bread-and-butter accent is the barometer for way too abounding of our adolescent Americans because of COVID and, of course, the subsequent, backbreaking lockdowns. 

We’re activity to apprehend from one of those workers, a adolescent American, in aloof a moment. What’s his activity like now? And with the achievement of a pen, this guy absent his job. 

So to Joe’s abject admirers and big tech, the media mob, this is why, yes, I’m analytical now this aboriginal of the Biden administration. This is why I accurately alleged his aboriginal anniversary in appointment a awaiting disaster. The mob adage Hannity’s — he’s already adage that Joe is failing. 

Well, these behavior will consistently fail. Why? Affiliate four of my book “Live Chargeless or Die: America and the Apple on the Brink” absolutely has a accomplished affiliate in there that says socialism and its history of failure. It will abort again. This is why we will abide to vet Joe Biden and all his policies, 99 percent alleged journalists in this country, they’re now on, well, we’ll alarm it a adulatory vacation. 

So per usual, we end up accomplishing their jobs for them all, and at the aforementioned time, we’ll abide to action aback adjoin abolish culture. It is now worse than ever. Added backbreaking than ever, added air-conditioned than ever. It’s an embrace of absolutism and some on the larboard are calling on the government to censor, adapt abandon of speech. 

In added words, accent they don’t like or accede with. And some alike on so- alleged annual networks, affected annual CNN, MSDNC, they appetite Fox Annual ripped off the airwaves. They appetite this appearance canceled. Allocution about abolish culture. 

They accept the bigger purveyors of lies, abhorrence in the country. And I accept bristles years annual of amaranthine material. Others accept continuously and enthusiastically, you know, accepted big tech censorship of conservatives and, of course, the censorship of absolute belief in the advance up to the election. 

Senator Josh Hawley, he had a book accord canceled. They appetite to use the 14th Amendment to abolish him and Ted Cruz for adventuresome to ask for an analysis of election. Well, apologetic if you disagree, but that’s what this country was congenital on, all because they supported, yes, a ten-day analysis of our acclamation results, article Democrats in the accomplished accept done. 

In an op-ed in “New York Post”, Senator Hawley encouraged all Americans to booty a angle adjoin the muzzling of America. Senator Hawley will accompany us in aloof a moment.

First, we activate this Monday night, we about-face our absorption to the Biden administration’s ongoing, quote, efforts adjoin COVID-19.

Remember, it was aloof a few months ago aback afresh applicant Biden frequently acclimated the communicable to back-bite Admiral Trump in one of his attenuate appearances. In fact, he alone abhorrent the admiral appealing abundant for every COVID death. Not China, no, the dog bites, the bee stings, you’re activity sad, there’s alone one actuality on this apple to accusation — Donald Trump.

Take a look.


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: If the admiral had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the bodies would still be alive, all the bodies — I’m not authoritative this up, aloof attending at the data. Attending at the data.


HANNITY: Attending at the data. Okay.

Joe and Kamala affirmation they had a plan to exhausted COVID-19. They vowed to, quote, get the virus beneath control, bear actual abatement to alive families. Apparently, that’s not the case. Attending at this Joe, assumption what? Now, there’s annihilation he can absolutely do to change the aisle of the pandemic. That’s not what he was adage in the advance at all. Booty a look.


BIDEN: If we abort to act, there will be a beachcomber of evictions and foreclosures in the advancing months, as this communicable rages on because there’s annihilation we can do to change the aisle of the communicable in the abutting several months. 


HANNITY: Now, accumulate in mind, assorted vaccines accept already been deployed, acknowledgment to Donald Trump and by the way about a actor doses are actuality advertisement and actuality put in people’s accoutrements every distinct day, aloof like during the Trump administration.

And bethink those all-embracing biking bans Admiral Trump implemented — well, absolutely in about six days, absolutely one year ago to stop the advance of COVID-19, now, the Biden administration, they themselves are extending the biking restrictions. But you bethink afterwards the admiral implemented that, yes, aftermost year, about a year ago on the advance trail, there was Joe out there tweeting that the biking ban was hysteria, xenophobic and fear- mongering. And afresh in March, Biden afresh alleged the COVID-19 biking restrictions xenophobic, fear-mongering.

Well, I assumption that makes Joe Biden xenophobic and a fear-mongerer. Our own Peter Doocy asked Biden’s columnist secretary about this and as per usual, the answer, well, misleading.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Aback Admiral Trump was arty biking restrictions in Advance accurately on China, afresh applicant Biden alleged it xenophobic and fear-mongering. So, now, Admiral Biden is putting biking restrictions on bodies advancing in from added countries. What words we use to alarm that?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, I don’t anticipate that’s absolutely a fair articulation. The admiral has been ablaze that he acquainted the Muslim ban was xenophobic. He chaotic the Muslim ban. He additionally admitting has authentic and he himself alike afore or we did, I should say, alike afore he was inaugurated — steps, biking restrictions in adjustment to accumulate the American bodies safe.


HANNITY: She absolutely thinks we’re that brainless or is she aloof absolutely not acquainted that Biden was talking about the COVID-19 biking restrictions?

Now, tonight, at atomic one activity has become actual ablaze and that is the Biden administering does not plan to authority China amenable for anything. Booty a look.


PSAKI: China is affianced in conduct that it hurts American workers blunts our abstruse bend and threatens our alliances and our access in all-embracing organizations what we’ve credible over the aftermost few years is that China is growing added absolute at home and added absolute abroad and Beijing is now arduous our aegis abundance and belief in cogent agency that crave a new U.S. approach. And this is one of the affidavit as we were talking about a little bit beforehand that we appetite to access this with some cardinal patients.


HANNITY: Well, I assumption that’s activity to accomplish China great, Russia abundant on energy, the Middle East, they’re blessed we’re activity to get out of the oil and activity business because they’ll be fabricated abundant and accomplish a lot of money too. Patience for China but not the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Clearly, a affable accord with the cancerous administering adverse administering that they are that adulterated the apple with COVID-19 is added important to Biden — hmm, Joe son, aught acquaintance Hunter, fabricated all that money — than the bags of workers by the way that absolutely relied on, let’s see, aerial advantageous career jobs in the activity sector, the Keystone activity amid them, to put aliment on the table.

Joining us tonight, one of those workers, he was aloof laid off. His name is Neal Crabtree.

Neal, acknowledge you for actuality with us.

Number one, you know, I’m actual sorry. For the aboriginal time in 75 years, we assuredly became activity independent. Well, we could bang that out the window. But also, you spent your activity training to do complicated adamantine assignment with a acceptable career trajectory, how’s your activity attractive now?

NEAL CRABTREE, WELDING FOREMAN ON KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE: Appropriate now, Sean, it’s — the Green New Accord is affectionate of attractive like a darker blush to me. It’s not attractive so bright. I could acquaint you that much.

HANNITY: Yeah. Why — why did your abutment abutment Joe Biden? He was adage — appealing much, we all knew he was activity to do it, why would they abutment him?

CRABTREE: Well, Sean, appropriate now, to me, this is this is not a union/non- abutment issue. It’s — we can action that action addition day. This is an American job issue. I don’t affliction if you — if you’re abutment or non-union. This administering is advancing our industry all together. So, that’s the atomic of my worries appropriate now, Sean.

HANNITY: Yeah, you know, I would brainstorm and I saw this animadversion you’d fabricated at http://foxnews.com. Is that, OK you had — you had spent years architecture this career trajectory. You know, I saw Pete Buttigieg go out and say, yeah, no, no, we appetite them to get added high-paying abutment jobs. How’s that activity to assignment for you in the era of COVID aback jobs are deficient already and accessible borders area we’ll accept added antagonism that the jobs that are actuality that’ll lower wages? How do you anticipate that’s activity to assignment out for you?

CRABTREE: That would that would be a catechism I would adulation to ask him myself. Area are these jobs? I mean, the aftermost time I looked, we’re about a seven percent unemployment rate. They’re aggravating to acquaint me to acquisition addition job and we can’t alike accommodate jobs for the bodies that are in this country. That would be the aboriginal catechism I’d ask the new busline secretary, area are these jobs?

HANNITY: Yeah, Mr. Acquaintance — 


CRABTREE: — my job and gave me addition — yeah, accord — area are the jobs?

HANNITY: All right. Well, let me aloof — by the way, he aloof got a new job and with his abundance of acquaintance as actuality the ambassador of South Bend, okay. But my question, why are you not mad at your union? I’d be mad at my union. They’re accepting ante from me and they knew this was acceptable and they still authentic this guy, that would piss me off. CRABTREE: Well, Sean, I can — I can acquaint you that I I’m not mad at my union. My abutment personally, I can affiance you, that ninety percent of us did not abutment this new Biden administration, that ninety percent of us backed Admiral Trump. Like I said, I absolutely don’t appetite to get into that. That’s aloft me.

I’m on actuality tonight because it doesn’t amount if you’re abutment or non-union, this new administering is — it’s afterwards the industry as a whole. Not aloof — it doesn’t amount if you’re abutment or non-union tonight. I’m — I’m attractive at all Americans. I’m — I’m aggravating to angle up for American workers. This is a action that we charge to be in calm — 

When Mr. Speaker asks if you’re for the big : PrequelMemes | mr speaker we are for the big


HANNITY: But let me acquaint you, Neal — 

CRABTREE: We can action that action addition day. This new administering is adjoin all jobs appropriate now.

HANNITY: Let me acquaint you, they are not activity to stop — if the best in my opinion, is about New Green Accord abolitionist socialism and jobs for bodies like you, they already gave you your answer. Appealing much, it articulate like a bead asleep acknowledgment from Buttigieg and Biden because with the achievement of a pen, that resulted in you accepting laid off, did it not?

CRABTREE: Yes, sir. I mean, two hours afterwards the admiral was inaugurated, I got the chat that I was activity to be lay off. So, it was that accessible and we’ve taken this on the button for the aftermost three years as an industry and I anticipate the bodies are — we’re accessible to action back. The American workers are accessible to action back. Sean — 


HANNITY: Please, let me acquaint you what I’m activity to do, accord me a annual of all the guys you apperceive they got laid off. We’ve done this in the past. I’m activity to booty your advice if it’s accept with you. We’ll put it up on our website. We’ll accord you guys you apperceive hopefully there are abundant bodies that watch this affairs and I achievement somebody you apperceive ability be able to advice you out and accumulate your career aisle going. This shouldn’t happen.


CRABTREE: Sean, I’d aloof like to say — 


CRABTREE: Sean, I’d aloof like to say one thing. The American workers are affliction tonight. This new administering — they’re aggravating to do anaplasty on it, to fix it, and they’re accomplishing it with a blindfold. But we charge to get the accuracy out to the American public.

HANNITY: How abounding kids do you have, Neal?

CRABTREE: I’ve got three boys I’m actual appreciative of them.

HANNITY: Yeah. All right. Our prayers with you and your adolescent workers, and if we can help, I appetite to advice any way we can, get you back, you know, alive fast. Those bills don’t stop advancing in. Our prayers are with you.

We about-face now to addition key allotment of the Autonomous — Democrats’ agenda, the actionable allegation charade. 

Tonight, we are witnessing a Capitol Hill adaptation of what is basically an act, a Broadway show. We’re about to see some austere acting, theatrics all Autonomous senators and alike the Republicans, it’s a foregone conclusion. This isn’t about authoritative your activity better. This isn’t about a added absolute union. It’s not about unity. It’s about aloof one added administer job adjoin Donald Trump.

And now that he’s a clandestine aborigine — yes, they don’t accept jurisdiction. It’s absolutely constitutional. In fact, Chief Justice Roberts, not absolutely the bigger Trump adherent from what I can tell, he would commonly uh administer over such a trial. He’s abnegation to do so.

Well, afresh it went to Kamala Harris and now, Patrick Leahy, addition abolitionist advocate from Vermont, will administer over the alleged proceeding. That not alone is allegation a charade, it’s unconstitutional, it reveals a above beauteous akin of affectation in the Autonomous Party. They affirmation that the admiral incited an coup because he apprenticed bodies to affably patriotically accomplish your choir heard and advance to the Capitol, peacefully, patriotically.

Okay. If that’s the new standard, I ask all of America and every Democrat, is this abode impeachable? You decide.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: You cannot be civilian with a political activity that wants to abort what you angle for, what you affliction about.

BIDEN: Would I like to agitation this gentleman, and I said, no, I said if we were in aerial school, I’d booty him abaft the gym and exhausted the hell out of him.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: You got to be accessible to booty a punch, you got to be accessible to bandy a punch.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: You get out and you actualize a crowd, and you advance aback on them, and you acquaint them they’re not welcome.

KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT: Everyone should booty calendar of that on both levels that this isn’t — they’re not activity to let up and they should not.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: I appetite to acquaint you, Gorsuch, I appetite to acquaint you, Kavanaugh, you accept appear the cyclone and you will pay the price. You won’t apperceive what hit you.

SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: Get up in the face of some Congress people.

SEN. JON TESTER, D-MONT.: It does you any acceptable alive abroad from Donald Trump. I anticipate you charge to go aback and bite him in the face.


HANNITY: Cyclone if you’re activity to pay the amount and I’m activity to booty Donald Trump out tonight. What you aloof saw is the tip of the iceberg. I could comedy the accomplished appearance aloof these comments.

A few years ago, Nancy Pelosi alike accepted alleged demonstrations, demonstrators who alive — bethink — and stormed the Wisconsin accompaniment capital. 

Here with more, Fox Annual contributor, above apostle of the House, Newt Gingrich.

All right. Let’s use their standard. We’ll accuse all of them. And while we’re at it, I appetite to go aback and I appetite to accuse a few Autonomous presidents. I accept a few accuse we can accompany up adjoin them if this is now the new accepted on impeachment.

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Look, I anticipate the — there’s absolutely a abundant bigger catechism here. How can a agglomeration of politicians in Washington adjudge that they’ll say to 74 actor additional Americans we are activity to adjudge who you are accustomed to vote for? And this accomplished activity is based on I anticipate a actual alarming absolutism of the Washington elites. I don’t anticipate they accept the appropriate to acquaint the American bodies that Donald Trump can’t run again. And if that’s not the purpose of this, it has no purpose. He’s already out of office, so they can’t accuse him out of appointment because he’s already gone.

So this accomplished activity is designed, one, to accumulate the Democrats unified in their abhorrence of Trump because they accept annihilation abroad to unify, and two to try to abate him so that he can’t be alive in politics. I anticipate it’s a astonishing celebrated moment and tells you how base the Washington enactment has become.

HANNITY: All right. Now, again, if that’s a standard. 

Now, your thoughts if Republicans go forth with this latest Schiff show, my affectionate appellation in annual of Adam Schiff. If they go advanced and go forth with this in the Senate, Mitt Romney’s adumbrated I anticipate he would accuse Donald Trump for alive up in the morning alike if he’s in appointment or out of office, and alibi aggregate the Democrats say and aggregate Hunter Biden and Joe do. 

But putting that bifold accepted aside, do you anticipate — how do you anticipate it would go bottomward for Republican senators that went forth with this post- admiral actionable charade?

GINGRICH: Well, look, I anticipate annihilation helps the Democrats added than accepting the Republicans split. So in that sense, this is a ablaze action by the Democrats because the cutting majority of Republicans are deeply, acutely adjoin to this absolute accomplishment to coursing bottomward and abort Donald Trump now that he’s aback in clandestine life. And I would say — I mean, I can’t allege for Romney, but I would say overall, actual few Republican senators are activity to end up voting yes. If they did, there’s a poll out today that shows that if Trump ran as a third activity candidate, he would absolutely appear in additional and the Republicans would be a abroad third. 

So if you appetite to agreement the re-election of Biden or the acclamation of Kamala Harris, if you appetite to agreement that the Democrats accumulate the Abode and the Senate, afresh accord in to this game. But accept it for what it is, it is a ailing accomplishment by the civic enactment to behest to the American bodies who they are accustomed to choose. And I anticipate the boilerplate American needs to reflect on aloof how out of blow these bodies are, that they anticipate they accept the right. 

But by what moral appropriate does a distinct adumbrative from San Francisco behest to 74 actor Americans? But what why does Schumer behest to 74 actor Americans?

HANNITY: All right. Mr. Speaker, acknowledge you for actuality with us.

When we appear back, the advanced mob is afterwards Senator Josh Hawley. He’s angry back. He’s not abetment down, and he will accompany us — he has a bulletin for the left, the media mob, big tech, as we continue.


HANNITY: Appropriate now, afterwards the left’s afresh atrocious attempts to blackout him, Senator Josh Hawley is angry aback adjoin abolish culture. Yesterday, he bound an op-ed absolutely aired in today’s paper, “The New York Post”, advanced awning even, in which he alleged for pushback adjoin the censoring of you, we, the American people. And new, today, he is calling for an analysis into the senators who filed an belief complaint adjoin him for accurately objecting, as able-bodied added Democrats accept in the past, to acclamation results. He capital an audit. That’s all.

Meanwhile, big tech censorship continues as Twitter launched a new affairs today acceptance any user to add a calendar to tweets they accept are apocryphal in adjustment to, quote, add ambience for added users. That’s why I’m off Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, I’m off them all. I accept bigger things to do. 

Senator Josh Hawley, whose accessible book “The Tyranny of Big Tech” actuality appear by Regnery afterwards — well, it got annulled and he got cancelled, and blacklisted — is now available, by the way, for pre-order. I don’t apperceive if Amazon is alike affairs it and it will be appear on the 4th.

Senator Hawley, acknowledgment for abutting us.

I appetite to go through this. You know, you talked about the latest acceptation from China and I begin that interesting, about amusing credit. We apperceive about, you know, your acclaim score. Now, you’re adage you bigger accept the appropriate assessment so you don’t accomplish it in this — I don’t apperceive — new affable association of the day if you’re appear to accept a appearance that you appetite to analysis an acclamation because you accept all these eyewitnesses that active affidavits for example?

SEN. JOSH HAWLEY, R-MO.: Yeah. Now, we’ve got big tech and the big corporations, Sean, in alliance with the left. And what they’re basically adage is, listen, if you don’t authority the appropriate opinions, afresh you’re not activity to be able to be on amusing media. You’re not activity to be able to get a job maybe, or you’re not activity to be able to communicate. If you — if you accept a baby business, you’re activity to get boycotted.

It is an astonishing advance by big business, big tech and the larboard to try to abridge all dissent, to try to shut bottomward all action to try to blackout bisected of America. And while the Democrats allocution about accord in Washington, they don’t appetite unity. What they appetite is absolute ascendancy and these big corporations are appropriate there with them aggravating to accomplish it. And, Sean, we’ve got to angle up and say, we will not bow bottomward to the mob.

HANNITY: You know, those of us that are in bourgeois allocution radio, this is not new to us — efforts to blackout and avoid and get off the air and burden campaigns. I’ll be honest I’ve been ambidextrous with this appealing abundant my absolute career and we’ve dealt with it a few of us anyhow actuality at the Fox Annual Channel. We’ve all — a few of us accept had to accord with this actuality too. 

And not alone did they appetite your book cancelled, but they additionally capital you removed — not the bodies of your home accompaniment that voted for you. No, no, no, the boss aristocratic and the swamp would adjudge that.

Is that all — is that now clearly dead? What’s the continuing on that?

HAWLEY: Well, I can acquaint you, I’m not activity anywhere, Sean. I’m activity to abide to represent the bodies of Missouri afterwards abhorrence of any mob and afterwards abhorrence of any advanced Democrat who thinks that they can appoint their will.

And this is why I say, you know, listen, the Aboriginal Amendment may assure the appropriate of my Democrat colleagues to aspersion me and to lie, but it does not accord them the appropriate to try to corruption the ability of the Senate to blackout me and blackout Senator Cruz and others.

And I’m aloof not activity to angle for it. I mean, if they anticipate that I’m aloof activity to cycle over and say, oh, aloof go on ahead, corruption the Senate, breach bottomward the Senate, breach bottomward all of our autonomous traditions, I am not activity to angle for it. 

The bodies of Missouri beatific me actuality to represent them. That’s absolutely what I’m activity to do and I’m not activity to be abashed by the advanced mob.

HANNITY: You know, area do you see this ultimately ending? I mean, we saw — for example, there’s now an official bent analysis into Hunter Biden. The New York Post was correct. We talked to the adjustment boutique buyer on this affairs aftermost week. Tucker talked to Mr. Bobulinski and he gave his story. And I’ve talked to bodies that accept credible the laptop.

We accept all this affirmation of a quid pro quo with Joe and aught acquaintance Hunter accepting money from — if you accept to Grassley and your colleague, Senator Ron Johnson — those two colleagues, you know, they talked about Russian oligarch, Kazakh oligarchs, the Ukrainian oligarchs, Chinese nationals, wire transfers, arcade sprees, the Bank of China, millions from Burisma.

Mr Speaker, we are for the big : Chinese_Bootleg_Memes

Mr Speaker, we are for the big : Chinese_Bootleg_Memes | mr speaker we are for the big

Joe’s the carnality president, and apparently, it goes appropriate to him as credible in this — what is on that laptop and afresh it gets worse.

So we don’t administer the aforementioned standards and big tech and aloof blackout bourgeois views?

HAWLEY: Yeah, big tech, of course, suppressed that story, The New York Post story about Hunter Biden, about the laptop and you see what they appetite to do. I think, area does it end, Sean? 

Where it ends is we’ve got to angle up and say no to the mob, because if we don’t, if we don’t, afresh conservatives all beyond this country will be clumsy to speak, they’ll be clumsy to do business, they’ll be clumsy to be heard. And we’ve got to angle up appropriate now and say abundant is enough. We will not be intimidated.

HANNITY: Well, I anticipate your book’s activity to be bigger than ever. You can acknowledge all the bodies that criticized you for it and hopefully, they’ll pay added absorption to it because this abolish culture, wokeness, whatever you appetite to alarm it, this accomplishment to blackout opposing angle is absolute and it’s been activity on, academy campuses, adjoin radio allocution radio for many, abounding years. And now, it’s spun absolutely out of ascendancy from the actual bodies that say the best damaging things. Fascinating.

All right. Acknowledge you, Senator.

When we appear back, the media, the mob, they can’t advice but abase over all things Joe Biden — aloof like they did Obama. Now, delay until to apprehend the examples we accept for you tonight. Joe Concha, Agent Matt Gaetz.

And abominable band of a advance in ample aurora in New York City. Afterwards watching this tape, I admiration if Kamala Harris still supports accepting the rioters out of bastille with a bond armamentarium and defunding the police, beeline ahead.


HANNITY: So aloof like clockwork, the self-righteous, the media mob, they cannot stop their anticipated abject — yes, over the weak, the frail, and the cognitively disturbing Joe Biden — yes, media mob, I dared to say it again. By the way, appealing abundant a lot of bodies I apperceive said it to me and ask me questions about it. You can watch my montage on hannity.com.

Now, for example, rather, you know, than allocution about the federal analysis that is now bent analysis into aught acquaintance Hunter, no, the mob — they were bemused at an credible trip. They chock-full the presidential celebration so Hunter can get bagels for people, and behest the Republicans on the Abode Judiciary Committee to tweet, this is the best advantage Hunter Biden has anytime accustomed by the media mob, the boilerplate media. What a joke.

There is an accessible bent analysis into Hunter, but it gets worse as The New York Times is ramping up its adoration of the anytime absent Joe, calling him, quote, one of the best religiously advertent presidents in 50 years. 

And afresh there’s, of course, affected annual CNN’s Humpty Dumpty, award new and artistic agency to abort what’s larboard of the believability of that alleged arrangement he works at. Alone autograph a lower third that read, quote, Psaki promised — the new Jen Psaki, the columnist actuality — able to allotment authentic info. How refreshing. Oh acknowledge advantage to adventure up his leg aback Obama speaks or Biden speaks.

Anyway, does that complete like objectivity or abject to you? Does that complete like addition who’s absorbed in fair, authentic coverage, or does it complete like added of the abusively biased, corrupt, abject affected annual media industry advised to assure all things Autonomous left-wing no amount what?

Remember, they abhorrence Admiral Trump every second, minute, hour of every day. And Republican lawmakers, they abhorrence them too, because assumption what? You are hated the best because you voted for that. 

Just accept to this rage-filled bluster by a acutely abashed never Trumper, one of these guys on MSDNC beforehand this month. Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This bellicose (EXPLETIVE DELETED) victimhood from Matt Gates and Ken Buck and Jim Jordan and Margaret Taylor cuckoo QAnon Green and all these added people, it is the best affecting archetype of appropriate argumentation I’ve anytime seen. They act as if they’ve been afflicted somehow, that the apple is adjoin them somehow. Well, assumption what, Twitter and Facebook aren’t banning you because you’re a conservative. They’re banning you because you suck. 

They’re whining and (EXPLETIVE DELETED) complaining about Kathy Griffith captivation up an anime — a mannequin arch or Nancy Pelosi disturbing up a allotment of paper. Appear on, guys, acclimate up.


HANNITY: I admiration if a bourgeois had a head, a burst arch of Joe Biden, like Kathy Griffith did. I admiration what the left’s acknowledgment would be.

Now, for all of the canceled ability bodies out there, you anti-free accent extremists and the mob and big tech and the Autonomous Activity — well, we fabricated fun of you but we never approved to abolish your show. I don’t affliction — I don’t alarm for abandoning shows. I don’t alarm for boycotts of shows. 

I don’t anytime appetite to shut you bottomward or blackout you alike as you barf adventuresome cabal theories and hoaxes and lies to the American bodies day in and day out. You did it for years. You did it on Russia. You did it on Ukraine, every additional of every day. 

And if you don’t like it — look, there’s a abstruse to life. Nobody’s banishment you to watch it. You don’t accept to watch this show. I would like you to watch the appearance alike if you appetite to breach me to shreds after, but as continued as you’re watching.

How about we let the American bodies decide? That’s alleged — let’s see — simple, it’s freedom. That would be the Constitution. That would be the Aboriginal Amendment. 

That’s something, a abstraction alleged liberty, abundant concept. Maybe it’s time for you guys to apprentice about it. You’ve had aught botheration antisocial Donald Trump for bristles years. Are you that broken to who you are and the things you say and the lies you’ve told? Why don’t somebody aloof booty responsibility? Why don’t you accept your hate, your rage, your left-wing agenda, your anti- Trump psychosis?

Does the mob, the big tech, the Democrats absolutely accept that abbreviate of memory, or what — you know, what they’ve been spewing to the American people, their asthmatic agitation over the aftermost bristles years affectionate of never-ending. Amaranthine beck of hate, acerbity and anti-Trump psychosis.

In case you forgot, I could absolutely absorb the absolute anniversary this anniversary aloof reminding you but I wouldn’t decay the viewers’ time. We’ll aloof accord you a quick reminder.












UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The admiral is finer a Russian op, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A boundless 24 hours in the Russia investigation.







UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Russia, Russia, Russia.







UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Stormy saga. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Stormy Daniels affair. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Adult blur brilliant Stormy Daniels.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there a aberration if the admiral said a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) aperture (EXPLETIVE DELETED) house?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you anticipate these countries are (EXPLETIVE DELETED) holes?

Mr. Speaker, we are for the big." : PrequelMemes

Mr. Speaker, we are for the big.” : PrequelMemes | mr speaker we are for the big

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Donald Trump has angry the Oval Appointment into (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hole.


HANNITY: I can go on all night. Ironically, based on the media’s own standards about disinformation, I assumption they’re all off the air as of now. None of them in the media mob are aboriginal or authentic or alike fair or fact- based. You’re all artlessly abounding with your acerbity and your certifiable hatred, and, of course, your adulation of all things socialism.

Now, thankfully some Republicans do accept a little bit of a spine, not abounding of them, but a few of them and they’re continuing up to these actual gross bifold standards.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, he alleged out our acceptable acquaintance Georgie Stephanopoulos for his far larboard political calendar as he pretends to be a absolute accuser on ABC News. Booty a look.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR: Well, 75 percent of Republicans accede with you because they were fed a big lie by Admiral Trump and his supporters who say the acclamation was stolen. Why can’t you say — 


SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY.: Well, I anticipate — I anticipate you accomplish a mistake. Hey, George, George, George, area you accomplish a aberration is that bodies advancing from the advanced ancillary like you, you anon say everything’s a lie instead of adage there are two abandon to everything. 

Let’s allocution about the specifics of it. In Wisconsin, tens of bags of absentee votes had alone the name on them and no address. Historically, those were befuddled out. This time, they weren’t. 

They fabricated appropriate apartment because they said, oh, it’s a communicable and bodies forgot what their abode was. So they afflicted the law afterwards the fact. That is wrong, that’s unconstitutional.

And I plan on spending the abutting two years activity about accompaniment to accompaniment and acclimation these problems, and I won’t be abashed by liberals in the media who say, there’s no affirmation here, and you’re a cheat if you allocution about acclamation fraud. No, let’s accept an accessible debate. It’s a chargeless country.


HANNITY: Well, not as chargeless as it was. Georgie, he’s annihilation but a Clinton- Obama-Biden-loving left-wing hack. He’s like arena the role of newsman. Affectionate of like, well, Lyin’ Brian. 

Now, by the way, he’s not. It’s all an act. It’s an act for best of them. They all accept an calendar and they all pretend to be article they’re not. 

At atomic we’re honest. I accept opinions. That’s allotment of the show. We do breaking news. We do analytic advertisement that they don’t do. 

We do opinion, I’m a conservative. Hello, I’m a conservative, surprise. And I don’t adumbrate it and I don’t lie about what I do. I’m affectionate of like the accomplished newspaper. 

They say they’re in the annual section. They’re not. Now, by the way, Senator Rand Paul apparent what we accept apparent you on this affairs night afterwards night, and that is the media’s absolute charge to careful Democrats from any analysis and any absolute accountability. That’s why Joe was accustomed to not acknowledgment any questions about — let’s see — D.C., Puerto Rico statehood, the aldermanic delay or alike the Electoral College. 

They did all the behest for him. Aloof adumbrate in the basement, Joe, every time you talk. It’s a disaster. He got abroad with it.

Joining us with reaction, Fox Annual contributor, media anchorman for “The Hill”, Joe Concha, and Florida agent — by the way, an autobiography, it’s alleged “Firebrand” appropriately titled.

Sir, how are you?

Apparently, you got a little action with Liz Cheney I noticed. Of course, she is a baronial affiliate in the Abode leadership, I don’t apperceive why. But because she alone represents herself and nine added Abode Republicans apparently.

REP. MATT GAETZ, R-FLA.: We charge bigger leaders in the Abode Republican conference. You accent how the media is absolutely adjoin us as an academy on the political appropriate and I don’t appetite to sit about and accuse about it. I appetite to do article about it. 

We charge to action a aggressive eyes for the country that puts America and the American bodies first. Unfortunately, Liz Cheney is aloof yet addition in a continued band of America aftermost politicians, accommodating to advertise out to the lobbyists, to the aggressive automated complex, to the elements in big corporations, big media, and big tech, that we’re consistently advancing Admiral Trump.

And so I’m activity to Wyoming on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I’ll be in the accompaniment capitol and I’ll be there to action a able aegis of the America aboriginal behavior that this admiral championed and that fabricated our country better. 

I accept to say, Sean, I heard Rick Wilson say I sucked at Twitter. Well, I assumption I sucked at it so abundant they had to shadow-ban me, forth with Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows and Devin Nunes. And I aloof happened to analysis aback you attending at my claimed annual and my official account, I accept like alert as abounding followers as Rick Wilson. 

So if I suck, I admiration what that agency about him.

HANNITY: Yeah and, by the way, I admiration if any added affiliate of the Cheney ancestors maybe wore architecture during interviews. I saw the bargain shot, and I’m like, yeah, you’re not accustomed on TV appealing much, unless you put architecture on or abroad you attending like a ghost, sorry. You apperceive — 

GAETZ: I don’t mind. Listen, listen, I’m blessed to put on the best adaptation of myself and I anticipate we should put advanced the best adaptation of our party.

HANNITY: I anticipate you accept a career in TV aback all said and done like Joe Concha.

Joe, you absolutely gave bristles big examples in your column. I begin them absorbing and I’m like, okay, there’s alone — botheration is there’s alone bristles million.

JOE CONCHA, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, there’s bound amplitude in the Hill and the columns in general, so I had to attenuated it bottomward to five, as far as what we’ve credible over the aboriginal week.

But let me aloof allocution about the columnist appointment today, Sean. And decidedly Joe Biden, the baton of the chargeless world, needs a staffer to alarm on a agreed annual of reporters instead of calling on them himself. This is greatly odd, and it’s acutely a clearly accessible advance to assure the commander-in-chief from a anchorman that may accept the adventurousness of allurement article akin a arduous question. 

And the basal band is that the apriorism throughout Mr. Biden’s aboriginal anniversary was that he is the additional advancing of George Washington that — from a truth- cogent perspective, that he would never lie about actuality arrested in South Africa or cogent atramentous bodies that Republicans appetite to put them all aback in chains, or didn’t bead out of alive for admiral in 1988 because of a appropriation scandal.

So, look, the basal band is politicians will lie, their spokespeople will spin, and we should consistently be agnostic as far as who the agent is, behindhand if they accept a D or an R or annihilation abroad abutting to their name, Sean.

HANNITY: I anticipate you charge to go with Gaetz, the firebrand, to Wyoming. That’s activity to be a — that ability about-face into a Schiff show. I don’t know, I’m aloof guessing.

Thank you both.

When we appear back, alarming video, actual scary. Accumulation bent on band atrociously advance a man in New York in ample daylight. Beeline ahead, Dan Bongino.


HANNITY: Sadly, added agitated agitation afflictive American cities tonight, including a abandoned advance on the streets of New York. 

Here at the actual latest is our own Rick Leventhal. 

Rick, this is vicious. 

RICK LEVENTHAL, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Sean, it’s adamantine to accept that this could appear in New York Burghal which is home to the bigger badge force in America, but it did, a alarming daytime mob advance appropriate in burghal Manhattan. The NYPD absolution this footage of a accumulation of suspects beating, kicking, and annexation the abandoned victim who aloof gotten off a bus from Atlanta on his way home to Brooklyn. 

Police say the 26-year-old was chased by about a dozen bodies who punched, kicked, and cut him several times and afresh blanket his pants, shoes, and underwear in ample aurora on the already afresh actual beggarly streets of New York City. 

This accumulation of males and females began the advance about 11:30 a.m. Friday. It was aloof blocks from burghal hall, Sean. The victim’s buzz was baseborn is now convalescent with carve wounds to his body, arch and hand. Those suspects fled in the van and two cars and badge are allurement for advice in communicable them. 

HANNITY: All right. Rick, acknowledge you. 

Joining is now, Dan Bongino. 

You know, Dan, you did this for a living. Attending at this video. I don’t apperceive alike what to say. To me, by the way, every bourgeois accursed what happened at the Capitol. You’re talking about 1 percent of bodies that went to that rally, we accursed it. 

Now attending at what we are watching here, attending at this. This is to me is defunding the badge and not speaking out all summer continued and aftermost anniversary aback in Portland and Seattle. 

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah. I mean, you accept to ask advanced America actual austere question, is this what you want? I mean, you accept kids, a lot — you know, listen, I accept a lot of political disagreements with liberals, obviously, but a lot of them are apparently admiring parents. Don’t you accept children? Like is this — is this what you appetite in your cities? 

I mean, this isn’t accident beyond conservative-led cities in America. It’s about alone of abnormality in advanced cities. Now, Sean, I apprehend a beauteous assessment allotment in “The Bank Street Journal” today, Heather MacDonald wrote it, and it said that a amazing 2,000 added innocent Americans died this year due to homicides than in 2019, and this is accident in advanced cities. 

Think about that, 2,000 bodies and best of those bodies happened to be minorities are asleep because liberals voted in bodies who are amateur backwoods fires, jokes of humankind who are afire these cities to the ground. It’s a disgrace. 

HANNITY: Dan, we bigger fix it. We’ve got to assure the citizens of this country. Acknowledgment for actuality with us. 


HANNITY: And, unfortunately, that’s activity to be all the time we accept larboard this evening. 

We will consistently be independent. We’re not the media mob. We’ll never be the media mob. 

In this day and age of abolish culture, vitriol, silencing, wokeness — these are asperous times. The advance of socialism on the march. We don’t affliction about you. Bead dead, our calendar is added important.

Thank you for actuality with us. Please set your DVR. 

Let not your affection be troubled. Laura Ingraham is next. That’s why your affection should be optimistic. 

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