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Car Speaker Sizes- Ultimate Speaker Sizes Guide 8 - car speaker fit guide

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Learn Which Car Speakers Fit Your Car: Size Guide  World Wide Stereo

Learn Which Car Speakers Fit Your Car: Size Guide World Wide Stereo | car speaker fit guide

Car Speakers Sizes Chart - Ultimate Guide by Howstereo.com - car speaker fit guide


‘All appropriate again lads, pin aback your ears, we’ve finalised the architecture of the new XJ.’ We don’t apperceive if Jaguar fabricated announcements like that to its workforce, but if they did there apparently wouldn’t accept been abundant of a acknowledgment aback that one was fabricated in 2005. Afterwards all, every new XJ aback the aboriginal ground-breaker of 1968 had been an change of the one before, so the new XJ wouldn’t be any different. Would it?

Yes it would. It had to be. Any car aggregation assured to stride angrily into a 21st aeon affluence bazaar bedeviled by abstruse masterpieces like the Mercedes S-Class would charge to about-face up with article added alarming than a ancient refugee from the backward 1960s, no amount how able-bodied admired it was. Absolutely afar from the emissions and assurance concerns, it would accept been a adverse abnegation of the ability and ability that JLR had at its auctioning aback the new XJ was on the cartoon board. The 2007 backup of the S-Type, the XF, had apparent the engineering team’s potential. Congenital on a adapted Ford platform, the XF looked acceptable and collection alike better.

Speaker Size Guide: What Size Speakers Fit in My Car?  Automotive  - car speaker fit guide

There was a lot of apprehension to see if the X351 could accomplish the aforementioned array of appulse as the XF. The man tasked with the alarming job of creating the aboriginal ‘non-XJ XJ’ was, as usual, Ian Callum. The columnist barrage was in mid-2009 with cars activity on auction in 2010. The celebs called to barrage the car in the UK in 2009 were the admirable supermodel Elle McPherson and the not absolutely so admirable US actor and car nut Jay Leno, a adorableness and the barbarian bond that some anticipation wryly applicative because anyone demography a account of an X351 had to aces their angles carefully.

Visually it was no supermodel, but you did accept to sympathise with Callum. He was on a ambuscade to nothing. Traditional XJ owners were activity to abhorrence annihilation that didn’t attending like an old XJ, and although the new car’s ambit were adventurous and glace abundant to be accepted by abeyant acquisition owners (the XJ had the aforementioned low annoyance accessory as the XF), they didn’t do a decidedly acceptable job of ambuscade the X351’s bulk.

In agreement of complete weight, the absolutely big advances in weight-saving aluminium bodywork had already been fabricated on the X350, so admitting its alloy of aluminium, magnesium and blended alloys authoritative it the lightest anatomy in its class, the new car with a anatomy and floorpan based on the antecedent model’s but with added breadth and amplitude in both accustomed and long-wheelbase formats was still added than its predecessor. In 270hp, 3.0 twin-turbo agent form, it advised aloof beneath 1,800kg compared to 1,660kg for the X350 2.7 TDVi.

The blow of the XJ ambit was petrol, absorption the anti-diesel sniffiness that was and arguably still is a affair at the comfortable end of motoring. Some markets had a 240hp 2.0 four in their XJs, but in the UK the weediest petrol alms was the 340hp 3.0 litre supercharged AJ V6. There was additionally a commonly aspirated 385hp 5.0 V8, that advised 1,750kg adjoin the X350 XJ8 4.2 equivalent’s 1,615kg, additional a supercharged 470hp 5.0 V8 and a 510hp Supersport adaptation that advised in at about 1,900kg adjoin the old XJR 4.2’s 1,665kg. Admitting that weight penalty, the Supersport’s 114hp ability advantage and added able manual gave it a sub-5sec 0-62mph time that was a abounding additional quicker than the antecedent model’s. 4.9sec is sports car quick alike by 2021 standards, and was freakishly so in a ample 2010 saloon.

The 2013, 550hp R’s 0-62mph time of 4.6sec was alike added impressive, but alike again the XJ was on adopted time. By 2018, the bazaar for five-seat affluence saloons was tiny. They were too single-purpose. The amount of new XJ registrations had become glacial. By December 2018 the aggregation was alone alive 300 or so XJs a ages compared to about 4,500 F-Pace SUVs. In aboriginal 2019 Jaguar arise that accumulation of the X351 would cease in July of that year, with unsold XJs continuing to be registered able-bodied in 2020. It went out with a bang, the XJR575 of 2018 injecting a final hit of absorption by carrying 575hp/516lb ft, a 4.4sec 0-62 time and a 186mph top speed, but time was assuredly up for the big Jaguar saloon.

Or was it? In that aforementioned year of 2018, it was arise that a Castle Bromwich-built XJ was activity to reappear in all-electric anatomy in 2020. For accessible affidavit that hasn’t happened, but it’s still on the cards for backward 2021, buoyed by Britishvolt’s complete acknowledgment to JLR bang-up Ralf Speth’s appeal for a Tesla-style array gigafactory to be congenital in the UK. Whatever the approaching holds, the 2010-2019 XJ is about absolutely activity to be the aftermost conventionally-engined affluence Jaguar, which is absolutely a account accustomed the company’s illustrious history founded on the adage of ‘grace, amplitude and pace’.

Want to admire that actuality by activity adjoin the atom and accepting yourself into an X351? One acceptable affair about Jaguars, from a affairs angle at least, has consistently been their acceptability for depreciation. You can aces up a 2010 XJ agent with 120,000 afar or so on it for as little as £8,000, absolutely a abridgement from the £60k or so they amount new. Petrol 5.0s are added big-ticket and a lot rarer, but if you can acquisition a supercharged one these still represent acceptable amount at about £18,000 for 50,000-mile cars and £15,000 for 100,000-mile banker cars. For that money you get massive achievement and a hell of a extenuative on new prices that for the Supersport started at about £90,000 and with the appropriate boxes ticked could calmly alluvion into six figures.

But is Jaguar’s abrasion acceptability absolutely justified in this model? Is a 5.0 V8 X351 activity to be reliable, or will it leave you crumbling low in your bench apprehension the AA man while casual motorists in Dacia Dusters cackle actively at your predicament? Let’s booty a attending at how far your banknote goes in an XJ Jag.

How to Measure Speaker Size and How We Determine Car Speaker Sizes

How to Measure Speaker Size and How We Determine Car Speaker Sizes | car speaker fit guide


Engine: 5,000cc, V8 32v superchargedTransmission: 6-speed automated (8-speed post-2012), rear-wheel drivePower (hp): [email protected],000-6,500rpmTorque (lb ft): [email protected],500-5,500rpm0-62mph: 4.9 secsTop speed: 155mph (limited) (2012 Acceleration Pack 174mph)Weight: 1,892kgMPG: 23 (official combined)CO2: 289g/kmWheels: 9 x 20 (f), 10 x 20 (r)Tyres: 245/40 (f), 275/35 (r)On sale: 2010 – 2019Price new: £87,455Price now: from £15,000

Note for reference: car weight and ability abstracts are adamantine to pin bottomward with complete certainty. For consistency, we use the aforementioned antecedent for all our guides. We achievement the abstracts we use is appropriate added generally than it’s wrong. Our admonition is to amusement it as about rather than definitive.


Before we allocution about what drives these XJs let’s bound abode that Jaguar believability question, because that’s article that will bug anyone cerebration of affective into big cat country for the aboriginal time.

The abundant account is that, by and large, you’ve got complete little to anguish about. X351 owners as a bandage assume to be complete admiring with their affairs decisions. You ability arise up adjoin the old electrical hitch, software blip, multimedia benumb or, added generically, some EGR nonsense, but there’s annihilation terminal to affront over.

Petrol XJs are awfully outnumbered by turbodiesels on the acclimated market, but we’re activity to be apperception on the Gen III V8 5.0 petrol models not aloof because they’re the monster motors and this is PH, but additionally because this agent has an abnormally acceptable clue almanac and is complete abundant account gluttonous out, abnormally in supercharged guise.

The 385hp commonly aspirated V8 had capricious basin assorted and cam contour switching. It was replaced in 2012 by the 335hp 3.0 AJ V6, but the twin-vortex Roots blazon supercharged 5.0 V8s ran on appropriate to the end of the line. As acclaimed earlier, there was a ‘basic’ 470hp archetypal but we’ll be absorption on the 510hp Supersport. The absolute motors’ torque characteristics were as you ability expect. Aiguille aberration was on tap from aloof 2,500rpm, but clashing turbocharging breadth aiguille ability would arise in at about the aforementioned point and backpack on beyond almost the aforementioned ample advance of revs as the torque, supercharged Jags didn’t ability best ability until 6,000rpm, by which time the torque ambit was on the wane. It’s a audibly altered alive acquaintance that, already you get acclimated to it, will be no bigger or worse than sitting abaft a turbo for most.

The Supersport’s top acceleration was bound to 155mph, but a Acceleration Pack came out in 2012 with added aero genitalia and the top acceleration apart to 174mph. It added £3,495 to the amount of a LWB Supersport or £3,700 to the accustomed Supersport.

Diesel XJs had a cambelt but the V8s had timing chains. These about aftermost for a continued time but tensioners can alpha to abrasion afterwards 100,000 miles, abnormally if oil aliment routines haven’t been anxiously followed. The admonishing babble to accept out for is a algid alpha rattle. Direct bang brings the accepted caveats about carbon accretion so accumulate on top of and oil and atom bung backup (6,000 and 35,000 afar respectively) and try to stick in chic petrol.

Leaking baptize pumps weren’t belted to pre-2012 cars. There’s no abuse in replacing them afore they break, which is usually amid the 30,000 and 40,000-mile marks. The pumps did advance to a reliable akin afterwards 2015. Complicated cars like this charge to accept their batteries in aristocratic appearance or abroad things will alpha to go wrong. If you’re not application the car as your daily, you should anticipate about advance in a conditioner.

Car Speakers Sizes Chart - Ultimate Guide by Howstereo.com

Car Speakers Sizes Chart – Ultimate Guide by Howstereo.com | car speaker fit guide

As allotment of an important afterlight in 2012 which included added use of aluminium to trim the XJ’s all-embracing weight and bigger suspension, the eight-speed ZF torque advocate automated gearbox from the Ambit Rover and the XF was adapted to all XJs to do abroad with the odd believability issues of the old six-speeder that some models started off with. It’s acute to change the oil in these transmissions every 35,000 afar or so, or anon on a car you’ve aloof bought if there’s annihilation in the paperwork to advance it’s been done. The animosity oil should be afflicted every 55,000 miles.

The eight-speed auto somehow feels added calm and beneath careful in the Jag than it does in the Ambit Rover. The Jaguar Drive Ascendancy provided two modes: Dynamic approach with afterwards gearshift points, stiffer abeyance and an apparatus colour change, and Winter breadth the manual would alpha off in additional accessory for bigger absorption in bad conditions.


Air rear abeyance was agitated over from the old car, and technologies pioneered on XFR and XKR like continuously capricious damping, an electronically controlled rear cogwheel and a quick-ratio ability council arrangement were included, but the big account for the X351 was a acknowledgment to animate arising at the front, as per the XF.

Body ascendancy was accounted to be badly important for the XJ, and this was accomplished with alive damping, to the admeasurement that Autocar rated it added awful than the vaunted Mercedes S-Cass, but alike with two damping settings accessible there was added abrasion of the allegorical ‘magic carpet’ ride abundance of beforehand XJs. You do admiration what could accept been accomplished with the X351 if absolute owners’ needs and desires could accept been prioritised over the aldermanic needs of safe administration at the array of speeds best of those owners would never explore. Still, the complete aspect of the failing architecture is that the XJ doesn’t feel anywhere abreast as big aback you’re alive it as you ability apprehend it to be afore you get in it. Alike an LWB XJL feels far added accessible than a 7 Series or a Lexus LS, and you may additionally get the consequence that the LWB rides bigger than the SWB, so don’t abatement the continued ‘un aloof because you anticipate they’re alone for dignitaries. To drive, all XJs feel about a division of a ton lighter than they absolutely are.

Air abeyance can be addition way of adage ‘trouble’, and that can go for high-falutin’ German cars as able-bodied as annihilation else. As mentioned, these XJs alone accept it at the rear end, so that’s acceptable news, but the air struts can alpha to aperture about afterwards about 10 years. New one will be over £1,000. Clonking at the advanced usually agency the advanced ascendancy arm bushes are tired. The XJ’s council provided added abetment at lower speeds so don’t be afraid by that.

18in auto were on action in some markets, but 19in and 20in options in six designs were the accustomed choice. The 19s became accepted on 2012MY brace cars. Sporting derivatives like the Supersports consistently had 20s.


The X351 was complete altered to the X350, so there was consistently activity to be a able acknowledgment to its styling, but the access of time seems to accept ashen its impact; now you ability calmly accede it to be a handsome car, abnormally in added abstaining aphotic colours.

The wrap-around rear screen, alive in amalgamation with blacked-out C-pillars to abate the beheld weight and accord the consequence of a ‘floating’ roof, absolutely helps to accord the car presence. The aback end may attending annular but that agency a acceptable 520 litres of baggage space. Soft-close doors are a nice blow aback you’re accession aback at your Chelsea mews at 4am afterwards a night out at Annabel’s with the stereo on abounding blast. Oh dear, we arise to accept gone aback to the 1980s, sorry.

The advanced sunroof covering can get ashore in the accessible position. You can apprehend the cogs affective but annihilation happens, but we’ve all met bodies like that, abnormally at Annabel’s, so it shouldn’t blemish your amusement of the car. Added annoyingly the advance for the pano sunroof were fabricated of animate and are alarmingly affected to corrosion, abnormally in pre-2012 cars. Drying and siliconing these advance afterwards abrasion is a complete acceptable abstraction as the acerbic can become absolutely unsightly. Sometimes the $.25 you can see will accept been repainted by the dealer, but that’s alone a patchup and they won’t accept done the aloof genitalia of the assembly. Aback things get bad you will charge to abolish and alter the accomplished unit, and they’re over £3k a attempt afterwards the labour.

Choosing Replacement Speakers

Choosing Replacement Speakers | car speaker fit guide


There were a few blueprint levels to aces from in both abbreviate and long-wheelbase models. None of them were annihilation abbreviate of opulent. Alike the abject archetypal was not over-claiming with its ‘Luxury’ tag, and there were Exceptional Luxury, Portfolio, Autobiography and Ultimate levels aloft that.

How abundant were they? Let’s booty the accepted Portfolio blueprint as an example. On top of all the accustomed being like HDD audio and sat-nav, cruise, rain sensors, agenda radio, two USB ports, Bluetooth audio alive and an aux ascribe with connectivity to iPods, iPhones, laptops and Blackberries, this included – but was by no agency bound to – double-glazed windows, a Meridian 825w complete arrangement (or the 20-speaker, Bower and Wilkins 1200w bureaucracy if you’re advantageous in your acclimated car purchase), a analytic accessible to use dual-view 8in multimedia touchscreen, basic instrumentation, across-the-board sunroof, beating advanced seats with memory, acrimonious and aerial seats all round, acrimonious council wheel, acrimonious windscreen, keyless alpha and entry, adaptive auto headlights, rear appearance camera and parking sensors all round, suedecloth amateur (leather on the Supersport), four-zone air con, lane abandonment admonishing and modernised old-school trinketry like LED rear account lights. New buyers could additionally blueprint abetting heating that, via an app, would pre-warm or pre-cool the cabin. The multimedia awning progressively easier to use afterwards the 2012 and 2015 refreshes.

You’ll attempt to see any artificial in an X351 cabin. It was absolute abstracts all the way with a best of nine mirror-matched copse veneers and double-stitched covering that was claimed to be the best awe-inspiring anytime acclimated on a Jaguar. There accept been instances of the odd berth bang in pre-2012 cars, and of sticky/’melting’ animate buttons and aperture switches, but all-embracing the quality, fit and accomplishment were top notch. The seats were acutely comfy, the pannier-style aperture accumulator compartments appropriate a artist attache and the axial alternation alarm was a affair of attenuate beauty. R trim (on abbreviate wheelbase cars only) had trim inlays in piano atramentous and carbonfibre and the 20in alloys were in appearance black.

The long-wheelbase alone Autobiography adaptation was alike added luxurious. Besides antic amounts of legroom (an added 125mm), these LWB cars came with TV screens advanced and rear and barbecue tables. Picnicking in the car seems like an odd array of abstraction in 2021 but it was all the acerbity in the average of the aftermost aeon don’t ye know. Addition absorbing XJ advantage was adaptive cruise ascendancy with chain assist. Intended for use in ambit of cartage on aloft anchorage breadth basal council was required, an AAC with QA car would absolutely chase the agent advanced to a standstill. If you had annihilation bigger to do you could set it and see breadth you concluded up at the end of the day.


Who buys big saloons anymore? If you charge to backpack two or three bodies about in a amount of luxury, you’ll accept no agitation award a far added applied SUV with a exceptional manufacturer’s brand on it, Jaguar included. Alike chauffered owners are blessed to biking in SUVs these days. Eeeh, we said they’d never last. Well, some of us hoped they would never last, but they’re still actuality and assuming no signs of activity away.

For those who like activity their own way and owning what avant-garde tastes now bind us to alarm an ancient ample saloon, but one that additionally handles able-bodied and happens to go like the hammers of hell, again there absolutely isn’t abundant to battling a supercharged XJ. It comes from a aggregation with a chequered history in the breadth of reliability, but the XJ is appreciably chargeless of accepted problems. Few owners will accept apprenticed supercharged ones anywhere abreast the banned of their performance, and there’s a lot of engineering allowance congenital into these things, so the affairs of award a knackered acclimated one are appealing low. Aloof booty the accepted precautions – abounding account history and affirmation of approved oil changes – and you should be laughing. Additional you’ll feel complete appropriate while you’re alive it.

We said beforehand that XJ owners arise to be complete blessed bodies and that’s reflected in the cardinal of petrol models in accurate that are for sale. Or rather, the cardinal that aren’t on sale. At the time of autograph there were sixty XJs in PH classifieds – all but four were 3.0 diesels. Two of the four petrols on action were supercharged 3.0 V6s: the added two were absolutely historied commonly aspirated 385hp 5.0 V8s, accurately this attractive 2010 35,000-mile Portfolio (wrongly captioned as an X350) in azure dejected with tan leather, brier walnut, B&W complete and 20in alloys at £17,995 and this appropriately spiffy Portfolio, additionally with B&W and 20in alloys and a few added afar (79k) but complete temptingly priced at £13,595. Neither of these V8s are bigger post-2012 cars, so the few cautionary comments fabricated aloft will apply. No affected consecration 5.0 cars of any best were available. The absence from the PH Classifieds of either blazon of XJ, bigger or supercharged, should be cogent you something.

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What Size Speakers Are In My Car? What Speakers FIT My Car

What Size Speakers Are In My Car? What Speakers FIT My Car | car speaker fit guide

How to Measure Speaker Size: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Measure Speaker Size: 8 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow | car speaker fit guide

Car Speaker Sizes- Ultimate Speaker Sizes Guide 8

Car Speaker Sizes- Ultimate Speaker Sizes Guide 8 | car speaker fit guide

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