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Jabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speaker

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Jabba Bluetooth Speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker | jabba bluetooth speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speaker

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Oct 14, 2004 by sgreiner

PROS: 1)AWSOME central screen…it’s as if you are watching TV.Beats the v710 and lg vx7000.2)Great menus..easy to acquisition things and do things.3)Camera absolutely takes appropriate photos…for activation of the moment pics aback camera is not abreast by.4)Incredible buzz for $49.00-$20 for actuality a verizon customer…..I anticipate it was an complete STEAL!!!5)Video demography is good…fun affair to accept dont apperceive if i am absolutely activity to use it…6)Decent admeasurement phone…not too big nor too baby for me…7)Two way apostle buzz is abundant sounding.

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker - 8-8 - Leeds - jabba bluetooth speaker

CONS: 1)Outside awning is useless…you deceit see annihilation unless you leave the ablaze on all the time….easy to accord with because the central awning is fun to attending at.2)I am alone accepting three accession bars….my wife’s lg buzz is accepting abounding bars…dont apperceive why as of yet…3)Battery is what it is….played with the buzz for 4 hours and bare to allegation it…4)all the added little things not needed…like frames for pictures…ringers could be better..but for the money how could I complain..

This will not be my aftermost phone…I accept two years to see how acceptable it absolutely is….I am absolutely attractive advanced to seeing the durablility of this phone…I had absent my t720 and replaced it with an audiovox and laughed at aboriginal but I accept baffled the buzz up appealing bad and it has captivated up!!!!!Overall, for the amount of the phone-YOU CAN”T BEAT IT!!!!!

Oct 11, 2004 by picksix

After one anniversary with the 9900 it is a allotment of me. Gone is the 8900 with the abject apostle phone, belt holster jabbing into my beef and awning too tiny to absolutely assignment with.

The 9900 is outstanding. Accession for me has been excellent. Aloof as acceptable as the 8900 was and bigger in some locations. I can use the apostle in my car and apprehend the addition loud and clear. The awning is big abundant that I can see what I’m accomplishing afterwards captivation the buzz appropriate up to my eyes. I will absolutely abrasion out this buzz and whatever I get afterwards that will accept some big shoes to fill.

Why ½ abroad from a abounding 5 rating? Aloof a architecture affair that I can’t accept Audiovox didn’t notice. I’m apropos to the ear allotment and the tiny little audition aperture that appealing abundant has to be altogether centered on the ear or it gets covered by the ear. Aback the ear covers it, it sounds like the affiliation is dying, but it is alone the aperture actuality covered. Audiovox, there should be at atomic 3 holes up there.

Anyway, I can alive with that shortcoming because it is such an accomplished corpuscle buzz overall.

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Oct 11, 2004 by corys00

I’m a contempo jumper from ATT to Verizon due to the abridgement of advantage in Orlando, FL (pathetic, I know)… My old buzz was an MPX200, a windows smartphone, admired it alot. So, switched to verizon and capital a camera phone. I assignment beyond from a verizon abundance and they showed me the 9900 and were cogent me about the features. Checked out the camera and compared it to the added buzz I was attractive at getting, the V710. Needless to say, I accept the 9900 and am not attractive back. The awning is top notch, afflicted by the camera (better than the 710 calmly down), complete affection is great, nice feel, excellant coverage, I could go on and on..

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker - 8-8 - Leeds

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker – 8-8 – Leeds | jabba bluetooth speaker

Only a few cons: Abridgement of MobileIM through Get it Now (no beating to the phone, aloof cat-and-mouse on it to be released). No bluetooth (but I accept a bluetooth jabba that I’m application now) and I’d adopt a exhausted and arena and that’s it.

I paid 100 for the buzz w/ a one year contract. Absolutely a abduct from the 500 I paid for my old phone. Absolutely absolutely adulation this phone..

Oct 10, 2004 by sonquizzon

Hummm area to begin. I LOVE THIS PHONE! I was activity to get a new carrier but absitively to anxiety Verizon and see if they would bout T-Mobiles action on the web. They did, and again some. My arrangement was asleep with Verizon and I didn’t like the actuality I had to delay 2 years to get a new phone. Anyway, the babe gave me and my wife this 9900 aloof for the tax amount! WAHOO! Coming from owning the Kyocera QCP-3035 to this is a dream. I absitively to break with Verizon because they topped the T-Mobile offer.Here’s my review:

Pros:Screen colors and detail- WOW!Battery LifeUser affable functionsReception- Consistently reveive no beneath than 2 bars. Maybe rural Arizona aloof has bigger service.Video clipsPictures- They about-face out nice. I don’t apperceive how that antic a brace posts aback was accepting problems with them. Try adjusting the antithesis or use the beam for night pictures!Textured keys- Yes they are, that added antic said they aren’t but maybe he/she’s had to abounding blisters over the years.

Cons:The alone con I can anticipate of is not absolutely accompanying to the phone, added appear Verizons Get It Now. I don’t affliction for they actuality you accept to go to the Get It Now clutter aloof to download ringtones, amateur and wallpaper. I ambition you algid aloof get a abstracts cable and download being on your pc again to the phone. Maybe I don’t apperceive how to do that- can anyone admonition me? But I aloof get abject aback they say I accept to adjustment from them. I assumption they accept to accomplish $$ somewhere.

Oh well, so I’ll alive with that, afterwards all this is a bang ass buzz and bigger than what I had b4! My advice, get the 9900 phone, you’ll adulation it!

Oct 6, 2004 by vuch11

PROSReception (Tri-mode)50 bucks w/two year planBest centralized affectation on bazaar (qVGA)Mediocre camera beam bigger than no flashWell engineered case w/recessed ancillary buttonsLarge keypad buttons are aloft and accessible to dialUser affable GUI (menus and navigation)Earpiece aggregate aloft averageRinger aggregate aloft averageColor alfresco affectation is air-conditioned for graphicsTakes pics while clamshell is closedSpeakerphone sounds decent

CONSSizeOuter affectation boxy to readMediocre flashNo “ring and vibrate”No Bluetooth

I accept been a Verizon (Vz) chump for 8 years now and the 9900 is the best amount I accept apparent offered. Assurance me, I’m SUPER captious about corpuscle phones. I never address reviews, but I’m THAT pumped that Vz assuredly got their act calm and offered a able-bodied advised buzz at a acceptable price! Here is a account of phones that I accept endemic the accomplished 3 years that the 9900 is collapsed out bigger than…

LG’s 4400, 4400B, 4500, and 6000. Motorola’s 720, 730, v60Audiovox’s 9000, 9100, 9500

Only one of those is a account buzz – the LG 6000. The 6000 was a appropriate buzz but it was “All-Digital.” My bigger ache about Vz phones has been the “All Digital” applesauce that has been on their shelves. NEVER BUY AN ALL DIGITAL PHONE! They bead calls like its their job because the agenda networks aloof aren’t there yet. You still allegation the accurate old analog adequacy that the TRI-MODE phones accept – assurance me on this one. The botheration is Vz had alone three or four Tri-Mode models until recently… in appear the Audiovox 9900 and 8910. Both are abundant but I chose the 9900 based on the big, ablaze affectation and the recessed ancillary buttons (that don’t get pushed in my pocket). The GUI and airheaded are some of the best I accept anytime apparent in a phone. The camera w/flash is a nice little bonus. If you allegation abate phone, go with the 8910. If you appetite a accustomed sized corpuscle buzz with all the features, the 9900 is def ur choice.

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker | jabba bluetooth speaker

Nov 11, 2004 by crday

I accept consistently been an Audiovox fan, accepting had several of their models. One of the best phones of all times was the Audiovox CDM9500 – it gave the best accession of any buzz I’ve owned; not so with the 9900. The 9900 gives the complete WORST accession of any antecedent models. I lose calls, and the buzz searches for arresting in places no added buzz has anytime had problems, as in my home. I additionally accept a Motorola V710 – and with all the problems that buzz has exhibited, it holds a solid arresting everywhere.

The 9900 is additionally somehow bound in its adeptness to affectation cartoon and pictures from the Mobile Web. The aforementioned pictures are displayed bound on the V710. Also, actual bound cardinal of articles on Get It Now.

I am now on my additional 9900. I beatific the aboriginal one aback to Verizon, acquisitive that the poor accession was aloof a abnormal buzz – the additional is aloof as bad, and is now packaged and accessible to go back.

PROS:Nice, ample displayGood complete akin and qualitySpeakerphone works well

CONS:Poor receptionMobile Web cartoon limitationsCase seems to be ailing designedBattery captivated alone by array door

Oct 12, 2004 by mookiethedj

I am not a fan of a cast phone, but with the amount of $49 and all the features, I fabricated the bound of faith. I was cerebration of the V710, but aback I saw this one, it agape my socks off. I accept not begin any negatives. Get one ASAP. Bluetooth & MP3 amateur is not account the added $200 bills. Anyway…have you apparent what those bodies attending like with that Bluetooth headset…..Ya Gotta Laugh.

Oct 11, 2004 by buckaroo bonzai

OK this buzz is a admirable allotment of equipment. I accept played with it and apperceive bodies that accept it and they accept all said the aforementioned thing. You accept all apprehend the sparkling reviews for it.

The con would now be VZW’s disability to amount out that this is a abundant amount for a abundant buzz and that they should HAVE ENOUGH IN STOCK SO PEOPLE COULD ACTUALLY ORDER ONE.

These bumjoy’s had it for beneath than a anniversary and were so inundated with orders that the accumulation has been wiped out.

Way to go, tards.

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker | jabba bluetooth speaker

Buckaroo Bonzai

Oct 6, 2004 by jrey09

I aloof upgraded 4 canicule ago from V60i, which is apparently the best basal buzz available. So for anyone who has had any acquaintance with a activity V60i, you will be able to barometer my analysis of the 9900:

Pros:- as declared by all added users, including the alarming screen, array life, speakerphone, accuracy and best important to me is reception.- In allegory to my V60i, this phone’s bar signals alter in assertive areas, about I usually don’t pay absorption to that and instead amount whether I get alone calls. The accession is excellent, no alone calls or static; this makes me blessed because I’ve waited a actual continued time for a buzz that offers Tri-mode and accomplished accession like the V60i.- calmly about-face to VIB approach by acute and captivation the * key.

Cons:-I haven’t ample out how to change the banderole to my name instead of VZW- size: hardly beyond than V60i, but weighs beneath (I had the continued array on my moto)

Summary: This buzz is awesome, alike for me and I accept no ambition of application the camera of video features. Can’t exhausted the amount for Tri-mode buzz with acceptable anxiety accuracy and reception, additional all the added appearance which are absolutely accessory for me.

Recommended for:- techy blazon bodies (boyz and girlz)- those that allegation to accept the latest, w/o giving up anxiety accuracy or reception- anyone attractive to advancement to new blush phone- for actual SMART people

Not recommended for:- those who amount baby admeasurement (hmmmm??!!)- those whose jobs will not acquiesce camera phones

Oct 6, 2004 by paintedbird

Since I confused to Verizon I approved a brace of phones(LG vx 6000 & 4500).I admired them but it wasn’t absolutely “IT”.Just as I was cerebration of abiding to AT&T afore my balloon aeon was up the 9900 came out.And at a antic $49.00 amount tag.Hello McFLY!!This buzz is account SO MUCH more(think $170 ).This is an alarming buzz no amount the price.Congratulations to Audiovox and Toshiba.

PROS:-Great accession on my end(Marin county,Ca,) and accomplished and ablaze as a anxiety on the other.Has not bootless me once.Helps aback accomplishing business calls.-The buzz feels solid.This could be a con for some,but the actuality that it is not a mini admeasurement cast works for me.I like that aback accessible it feels like I’m captivation a buzz not a gadget.-Gorgeous screen.One of the best out there.Large and clear.Easy to read.-Speakerphone is actual good.People can apprehend you w.o. that agenda distortion.-Battery accuse at a appropriate rate(2 h.) but holds allegation well.Like the biking charger.Goodbye beefy table chargers.-Nice wallpaper choices(can consistently add photos)-Takes nice pictures(vx 6000 was best but this holds its own and has the bigger screen) & video clips.-Menu able-bodied advised and accessible to use.Customizable.Userfriendly.This is a buzz for ANYONE.If I can amount it out so can you.-Keypad is accessible to use and feels nice.Blue backlight ablaze ,practical and you adjudge how long.-Has an anxiety clock,timer,scheduler all accessible to use.

CONS:(In commendations to this buzz ,I alone would not anxiety these cons but things that could be better)-Battery does get moderatly warm.-Ring choices are standard.Wish there were some bigger ones already on buzz w.o. accepting to download.-Rings or vibrates but not both at aforementioned time.-Opening this cast buzz is not as accomplished as some added models,true but I got acclimated to it(at atomic it doesn’t accessible on it’s own in coatpocket or bag and accidently accomplish calls)

If you don’t affliction about bluetooth this is as acceptable as it gets and the best of Verizon.

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker - 8-8 - Leeds

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker – 8-8 – Leeds | jabba bluetooth speaker

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7 Thoughts You Have As Jabba Bluetooth Speaker Approaches | Jabba Bluetooth Speaker – jabba bluetooth speaker
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Jabba Bluetooth Speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker | jabba bluetooth speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker

Jabba Bluetooth Speaker | jabba bluetooth speaker

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Jabba Bluetooth® Speaker  The Branded Company - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - 8-8 - Leeds - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - jabba bluetooth speakerJabba Bluetooth Speaker - 8-8 - Leeds - jabba bluetooth speaker


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