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At CES 2021, TCL said it has developed a new bearing of Mini LED backlights and will activity three new 85-inch TVs.

8.8.8 Overhead Speakers - Dolby

8.8.8 Overhead Speakers – Dolby | 5.1.2 speaker placement

Using 8.8/8.8.8-channel system - 5.1.2 speaker placement

Just canicule into the new year, we already accept a acceptable abstraction of what TV buyers can apprehend in 2021, starting with added 8K sets from a cardinal of brands, added LCD sets that use “Mini LEDs” in backlights, additional a few added companies alms OLED TVs.

Shoppers can additionally apprehend to see added jumbo-sized TVs—many with screens that admeasurement 85 inches or more—at added affordable prices.

Many of the capacity about 2021 TV lineups were arise this anniversary at CES, the anniversary customer electronics barter appearance that this year is actuality captivated virtually. 

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We’ll breach out the best absorbing TVs from anniversary cast below; agenda that both Hisense and Vizio will be advertisement TV lineups afterwards this year. But first, here’s a quick run-through of the kinds of technologies you’ll see in stores.

In agreement of TV improvements, apprehend to apprehend added about avant-garde processors and the use of bogus intelligence (AI) to advance all-embracing account and complete affection in 4K sets. In 8K TVs, the charge to flush lower-resolution HD and 4K agreeable to these new high-res screens requires added accretion horsepower.

You’ll additionally see added OLED sets alongside the LCD televisions that boss the market. The actual top sets in Consumer Letters ratings (available to agenda members) tend to be OLED TVs, and the cardinal of brands alms these types of TVs is accretion aloft aloof LG and Sony. Aftermost year Vizio offered its aboriginal OLED TVs—it hasn’t arise almsman models yet—and in 2021 we additionally apprehend to see OLED sets from Panasonic and Skyworth. With the added competition, shoppers are acceptable to see lower prices on entry-level 4K OLED sets.

The big account for LCD/LED TVs is the use of Mini LEDs in backlights by several brands. By shrinking the admeasurement of the LEDs, companies can charge bags of them into the backlight abaft the LCD panel, again bisect them into zones that can be dimmed or illuminated, aloof like accepted LEDs. But because they’re so small, they can be controlled added absolutely to advice advance brightness, contrast, and atramentous levels, and advice abate the halos you generally see on LCD TVs aback a ablaze angel appears adjoin a aphotic background.

This could advice the best LCD TVs accomplish afterpiece to OLED TVs, which don’t crave a backlight. Instead, every alone pixel gives off its own ablaze and can be angry on and off individually, so if allotment a account is declared be absolutely black, it can be. The abundant adverse and abysmal atramentous levels accept helped OLEDs top CR television ratings in contempo years. 

Also in 2021, TV manufacturers will activity models with above screens. TCL, for one, said it hopes to accomplish 85-inch TVs affordable to best consumers this year, and Sony will be alms a 100-inch LCD TV in its calendar for the aboriginal time.

But artefact announcements are one thing; as always, Customer Letters is attractive advanced to affairs and testing abounding of these new sets to advice shoppers abstracted advertising from performance, and accomplish acute acquirement decisions.

In 2021 LG will administer a accustomed acclimation act, touting bigger achievement in its LCD calendar while continuing to assert its OLED TVs are the acme of TV performance.

This year—perhaps in acceptance of newer companies such as Skyworth and Vizio alms beneath big-ticket 4K OLED TVs—LG will accept a accumulation of lower-priced OLED series. LG says these A1-series TVs will be the atomic big-ticket OLED TVs it’s anytime offered, admitting the aggregation hasn’t yet arise pricing.

Like aftermost year, LG’s C1 sets will be the boilerplate OLED series, followed by the pricier G1 Gallery models. The company’s flagship sets will be Z1 8K OLED sets, awash in 77- and 88-inch awning sizes. That’s big abundant for the added account detail to be noticeable. This year, the G1 sets will be accessible in a new 83-inch awning size.

In agreement of performance, the aggregation touts a new “Evo” OLED technology that uses a new pixel anatomy to addition brightness, which should advice advance HDR performance. But it appears that the Evo technology will be bound to G1 Gallery sets. 

LG’s top TVs get a new, added able processor and AI, with appearance such as the adeptness to ascertain faces and altar on the screen, again assay the advice on a scene-by-scene base to accomplish angel and complete adjustments. The processor is additionally used to flush lower-resolution agreeable to the set’s college 4K or 8K display.

Using 8.8.8-channel system

Using 8.8.8-channel system | 5.1.2 speaker placement

LG’s big account for its top-tier “NanoCell” LCD sets is that it will use Mini LEDs in the backlight of some top models to addition brightness, access contrast, and abate “blooming,” or halos about brighter altar aback displayed adjoin a aphotic background.

Also absorbing is that the aggregation says it will amalgamate its own NanoCell blush technology with the use of breakthrough dot technology, which is accustomed from added brands, including Samsung. Both technologies are acclimated to actualize a actual advanced ambit of colors. 

Unfortunately, the aggregation has absitively to cast TVs application Mini LEDs and breakthrough dots “QNED” TVs, abacus a bit added abashing to shoppers already aggravating to assay amid OLED and QLED TVs. LG will additionally activity approved NanoCell models, as able-bodied as accepted LCD TVs, this year.

All of LG’s acute TVs, which use its own webOS platform, get a aloft analysis in 2021, including a new, better-organized home screen. There’s additionally a new, added ergonomic Magic Remote with buttons for Alexa and Google Assistant.

Panasonic is affliction a acknowledgment to the U.S. TV bazaar this year, with a new flagship 4K OLED TV line. For years, Panasonic claret TVs bedeviled our TV ratings, but the aggregation pulled out of the TV bazaar actuality afterwards it chock-full authoritative claret sets and its LCD models bootless to accumulate a able following.

The capacity are still a bit sketchy—the aggregation told us via email that admitting its advertisement at CES this week, it’s not absolute it will absolutely address the 55- and 65-inch JZ2000 4K OLED TVs to the U.S. in 2021. (It’s a abstruse actuality that Panasonic agilely alien a bound cardinal of GZ1000 4K OLED TVs to a scattering of retailers in the U.S. backward aftermost year.)

If the new sets do arrive, they’ll apparently be pricey, and Panasonic claims they’ll be the brightest OLED sets on the market, allowance to bear a best HDR experience. (The TVs abutment the HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 formats.) Appearance will accommodate added able processors and AI for upscaling lower-resolution agreeable and optimizing the account and complete based on the agreeable actuality viewed. The TVs will abutment Dolby Atmos audio and will accommodate front-, side-, and up-firing drivers for creating an immersive soundfield.

Panasonic uses its own acute TV system, alleged My Home Awning 6.0, that will assignment with several voice-controlled systems. It additionally has a bifold Bluetooth affection that will let two bodies accept to a TV appearance on headphones simultaneously.


Picture of Samsung’s new MicroLED TV, which will be offered to consumers in 88-, 99-, and 110-inch awning sizes.

Samsung’s bigger account this year is that several of its exceptional 4K and 8K TVs will get Mini LED backlights. The sets will backpack the “Neo QLED” sub-brand to differentiate them from Samsung’s approved QLED sets.

The aggregation will additionally activity its aboriginal TVs application an alike newer technology, alleged MicroLED technology, in 88-, 99- and 110-inch awning sizes this year. Added on that in a bit.

To get an abstraction of the admeasurement of its Mini LEDs, Samsung says the ones it’s application are 40 times abate than accepted LEDs. It additionally has a new approach, alleged a breakthrough matrix, that’s declared to absolute the ablaze added accurately to anticipate halos about ablaze altar on a aphotic background.

All of Samsung’s 2021 8K QLED models will be Neo QLED sets, as will TVs in its top two LCD series. There will additionally be QLED models after the Mini LEDs.

Like added TV brands, Samsung is touting a added able processor and AI to optimize account and complete quality.

Surround Sound Informations  Home theater setup, Home theater

Surround Sound Informations Home theater setup, Home theater | 5.1.2 speaker placement

In agreement of audio, several of Samsung’s top alternation get added speakers in the rear of the TV to actualize a added enveloping audio environment. Samsung is additionally employing the object-tracking audio tech we saw in sets aftermost year to assay scenes and again actualize complete that corresponds to the onscreen activity and movement. So complete will assume to chase a car affective above the screen, for example, or barrage will arise to appear from aloft you.

Another aftereffect feature, alleged Q-Symphony, works with Samsung complete bar speakers, acceptance you to use both the TV speakers as able-bodied as the complete bar to actualize a bigger surround-sound experience.

As for MicroLED, it’s basically the LED adaptation of OLED, in that every LED has sub-pixels that accord off their own light. That agency no backlight is needed.

MicroLED offers both the accuracy of LEDs and the abysmal adverse and abundant atramentous levels you get with OLED TVs. The arrangement is modular, so you can actualize a bigger awning artlessly by abacus added modules. We’ve apparent this technology before, but so far it’s been relegated to bartering applications, such as video walls.

This year, Samsung says it will activity customer versions in 88-, 99- and 110-inch awning sizes that can be army on a wall, aloof like any added large-screen TV. Availability and appraisement haven’t yet been announced, but we’re assured that MicroLED TVs will be financially alfresco the ability of best consumers for the accountable future.

The Skyworth cast isn’t able-bodied accepted actuality in the U.S., but it’s absolutely one of the world’s bigger TV companies. This year, the aggregation is affective aloft its accustomed business of designing and architecture TVs for added brands, and is instead attractive to authorize its own cast actuality in the U.S. The aggregation has a new five-series TV calendar that includes both LCD/LED and OLED TVs.

Skyworth aboriginal came to our absorption aback in 2019, aback we were able to buy and analysis the aboriginal OLED TV it offered in the U.S. market. That TV excelled in account affection and (like added OLEDs) in examination bend but didn’t do all that able-bodied overall. In particular, it absolutely fell abbreviate on HDR performance. But the aggregation says the models it will address in the U.S. afterwards this year will be abundantly improved.

Skyworth will accept two XC9300-series 4K OLED TVs, offered in 55- and 65-inch awning sizes. These sets will abutment both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats, as able-bodied as Dolby Atmos audio. One affair abnormal about Skyworth is that it has a collective adventure with LG in China for OLED production, so it makes its own panels; brands such as LG, Sony, and Vizio all use LG OLED panels.

Skyworth’s LCD calendar will alpha with an entry-level HD (1080p) band with TVs that appear in abate sizes. There will again be an entry-level 4K line, in awning sizes alignment from 50 to 75 inches, additional a midtier series—which offers bigger blush performance—offered in screens alignment from 43 to 65 inches.

For those attractive for bigger HDR performance—as able-bodied as abutment for Dolby Vision, there are 55- and 65-inch sets in the company’s UC8500 series, its best LCD TVs for 2021. These sets accept native 120HZ brace rates, additional capricious brace ante (VRR) for smoother gaming action.

All Skyworth’s LCD-based sets use the Android TV system, admitting it’s not ablaze whether they’ll use the beforehand Android TV arrangement or the updated, and renamed, Google TV platform.


Sony’s new flagship 4K OLED TV for 2021 is the A90J, a Master Alternation archetypal with a new high-contrast technology that boosts ablaze highlights.

Sony’s OLED TVs were at the top of our ratings aftermost year, and this year the aggregation has two new models that advance a new OLED higher-contrast technology. One is the A90J and the added is the A80J, and they alter beforehand A9G and A8H models, respectively. Both accept Sony’s Acoustic Surface audio technology that uses actuators to about-face the accomplished awning into a speaker.

Sony says its new adverse technology will addition ablaze highlights while application the abysmal blacks we’ve appear to adulation from OLED TVs. By accretion the TV’s activating ambit (the aberration amid ablaze and aphotic areas of a picture), the sets could activity alike bigger HDR achievement than aftermost year’s OLEDs.

Using 8.8/8.8.8-channel system

Using 8.8/8.8.8-channel system | 5.1.2 speaker placement

Bucking a TV trend this year, none of Sony’s 2021 LED/LCD TV lineups will use Mini LEDs in its backlights. Instead, Sony is touting what it calls “cognitive processing” that is declared to addition video and audio performance. In a conference with CR aftermost week, Sony gave us some insights on what makes its sets different.

Though the processors in abounding exceptional TVs use AI and apparatus acquirements to accomplish account improvements, Sony’s new processor attempts to actuate how bodies absolutely apperceive images, again acclimatize the account to accomplish it attending added accustomed and realistic. It does this by adding the awning into abundant zones, again acceptable the specific areas area it believes the eyewitness is focusing, such as faces. The processing additionally matches audio to what’s on the awning and upconverts it to 3D beleaguer sound.

It was adamantine to acquaint how able the processing was during our abbreviate video alarm with Sony, but we’ll accept a adventitious to analysis it out in actuality aback we buy the sets and get them into our TV labs.

Sony’s LCD/LED TV calendar will be represented by its Master Alternation Z9J, a flagship 8K alternation that comes in 75- and 85-inch awning sizes.

Befitting its top-dog status, these TVs get all of Sony’s exceptional features, including a full-array LED backlight with bounded dimming, as able-bodied as Sony’s contrast-boosting technology. It additionally has a actual advanced examination bend for an LCD TV, acceptation that the account stays active alike for bodies who get a bench off to the ancillary of the room.

Sony is acceptable its Acoustic Multi-Audio—which has speakers about the edges of the panel, including upfiring drivers for Dolby Atmos audio—with alike added speakers this year. Both the LCD and OLED TVs can flush complete to 5.1.2 channels to actualize a added immersive complete environment, and assay the audio arresting so that the complete corresponds to what’s on the TV screen.

The Bravia X95J, which replaces aftermost year’s X950 models, is Sony’s top boilerplate 4K TV alternation for 2021. Aloof beneath that are the X90J sets, which alter aftermost year’s X900 series, which apparently offered the best antithesis of amount and achievement of any Sony TV in 2020. The capital differences amid these sets are accuracy and the akin of audio performance. 

This year, all Sony acute TVs will use the new Google TV acute TV platform, which replaces the Android TV arrangement acclimated in antecedent Sony sets. Additionally new is a three-way angle that allows for added adjustment options.

TCL has been an advancing cast in the U.S. for the accomplished few years and several of its TVs accept done actual able-bodied in our ratings, so we’re aflame to see what the aggregation has in abundance for 2021.

This year, TCL says, it will activity its aboriginal 8K models in the U.S., acquaint a new Mini LED technology for LCD TV backlights, and try to accomplish 85-inch TVs added affordable for consumers.

TCL was the aboriginal TV architect to activity TVs with Mini LED backlights, aback in 2019.  Aftermost year the technology formed out to its accepted 6-series sets, which we’ve included in abounding of our best TV bargains articles. 

In 2021, TCL is demography the technology a footfall added with what it calls “OD Zero” Mini LED technology, a advertence to there actuality no ambit amid the Mini LED backlight and the LCD panel. That enables the TV to accept an alike thinner contour than best LCD TVs while application all the added Mini LED achievement benefits, according to the company.

The aggregation says OD Zero sets will avowal “tens of thousands” of Mini LEDs and “thousands” of dimmable zones. Right now, it’s not ablaze which models will use the OD Zero technology and which ability use TCL’s added accepted Mini LED technology. 

One affair that could be ambagious for shoppers is that TCL will be affairs both 4K and 8K models in the company’s 6-series sets. That’s because TCL will abide affairs its accepted 4K 6-series Roku TV sets through the end of the year, and all the new 2021 6-series TCL Roku TV models will be 8K models.

Right now, it looks like the 4K models will be alleged R635 sets and R648 TVs will be 8K sets.

8.8.8 Speaker Placement with sofa against wall - Home Theater

8.8.8 Speaker Placement with sofa against wall – Home Theater | 5.1.2 speaker placement

TCL’s aboriginal 85-inch TVs, allotment of what it calls its XL Collection, will abide of an entry-level 4-series set; a addition QLED 7 model; and a flagship 8K TV that uses a Mini LED backlight. No archetypal name or cardinal for the flagship has been revealed, but it could be one of the new 6-series sets with the OD Zero backlight.

Prices so far haven’t been disclosed, but there were some letters during CES that the 85-inch 4-series set will be priced at $1,600. That’s not cheap, but it’s a actual low amount for a set this size. We should be able to affirm the appraisement soon, because the set is declared to be accessible during the aboriginal division of 2021.

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