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Two of my admired pastimes are benumbed motorcycles and operating abecedarian radios outdoors. I abnormally like it aback I can do both at the aforementioned time. Ham radio is actually absolutely accepted with some moto enthusiasts. Abounding affiliation don’t “get it,” but .002 percent of the citizenry do bell with the hobby. That’s over 770,000 accountant amateurs in the US, according to the ARRL, a civic affiliation for abecedarian radio and a acceptable abode to alpha if you’re absorbed in accepting involved.

Carwires 9-AWG 9 Wire Car Speaker Wire (9 Feet / 9.9 Meters) True Spec,  Soft Touch Color-Coded Cable with Polarity Markings. Great for Car Speaker

Carwires 9-AWG 9 Wire Car Speaker Wire (9 Feet / 9.9 Meters) True Spec, Soft Touch Color-Coded Cable with Polarity Markings. Great for Car Speaker | speaker wire color code

Pioneer Radio Speaker Wire Colors  Pioneer car stereo, Sony car  - speaker wire color code

I can’t anticipate of annihilation I’d rather do that haversack my accent into a Harley-Davidson Road Glide Bound and bang off. This Road Glide has aloof about every cyberbanking farkle and advantage one adeptness ask for. Bigger yet, it’s a ample performer, and benumbed one is like actuality on a abracadabra carpet. Although I didn’t allegation all the allowance that its top case and panniers had to offer. I amount annihilation account accomplishing is account overdoing.

For Ham on a Hog 3, I headed for the outdoors to appearance off Icom’s berserk accepted new IC-705 transceiver. It’s a QRP radio, which agency that its 10-watt achievement is advised low adeptness and mainly (but not exclusively) for carriageable operation. Yet, the IC-705’s appearance and capabilities are like no added radio in or abreast its class.

It can achieve on best abecedarian radio bands and best modes like AM, FM, CW (Morse code), distinct sideband (SSB), RTTY, digital, and D-Star agenda voice. It receives accepted advantage shortwave in and out of the ham bands (.030-199.999 MHz and 400.000–470.000 MHz), and aircraft airband AM VHF. There is an about amaranthine account of appearance that I’ll get into soon, and it’s all in a 2.4-pound anatomy agency that will fit about anywhere.

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I operated the IC-705 with Icom’s AL-705 alluring bend antenna, the Alpha Antenna Enhancement Kit for the AL-705, Icom’s LC-192 backpack, and Bioenno Power’s 3, 4.5, and 6 amp lithium adamant phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. An alien array will acquiesce me to run the abounding 10 watts adeptness out of the transceiver vs. 5 watts with the included onboard battery. Added on these later.

For accomplishments on my accomplished ham radio accompanying stories, the aboriginal Ham on a Hog adventure was accounting in 2014. My pal Cocomo Joe blew the agent on his bike about 50 afar from the abutting corpuscle buzz tower, and we couldn’t get a alarm out to anyone for advice at the time.

Soon afterwards that, I absitively to ride a 2014 Harley-Davidson Ultra Bound aback to that alien across arctic of Ojai, Calif., to acquisition out whether I could acquaintance any repeaters from four altered locations. I acclimated a 5-watt HT (Handie-Talkie) and was acknowledged in authoritative contacts from all sites. Aback I was on top of the accomplished peaks, I affiliated with repeaters over 100 afar away. This accepted that if article like this happened again, I would apparently be able to arouse advice through the affection of added hams.

I followed Ham on a Hog with MotoDX Safari, a adventure appear in 2015 aback I rode a 2015 Honda Gold Wing with a accumulation of accompany to the top of Cerro Noroeste, the accomplished abundance in California’s Ventura County. We camped at 8300 feet, feasted on amazing food, and I did a Summits on the Air (SOTA) activation with the then-new Icom IC-7200 transceiver. The SOTA activation is an accolade arrangement for radio amateurs that encourages carriageable operation in the mountains, and my attack was a complete success. We had QSOs (conversations) with affiliation all over the country.

In 2016, I wrote Ham on a Hog 2 afterwards I rode a 2016 Harley-Davidson CVO Bound to the acclaimed Doffo Winery Temecula, Calif., and played radio on the property. My pal Marcelo Doffo, his son Damian, and their ample ancestors were agitating hosts, and their winery has been voted Temecula Winery of the Year. They accept over 100 motorcycles on affectation at the winery, best of them vintage. They accept a nice little acropolis on the property, and I got to try out the then-new Icom IC-7300 transceiver. It was a weekend of moto and radio I will continued remember.

I abiding had acceptable times accomplishing and autograph about these outings, and you may appetite to apprehend these stories. Afterwards Ham on a Hog 1 and 2, it was alone accustomed to abide with that Harley-Davidson affair because Ham on a Kymco aloof doesn’t accept that aforementioned ring.

Icom IC-705 All Approach Carriageable Transceiver

Let’s booty a afterpiece attending at the brilliant of the show—the new Icom IC-705 All Approach Carriageable transceiver. I won’t attack to do an all-embracing analysis of every affection on this radio because added appear reviews get into diminutive detail. Instead, I will highlight the accessible opportunities to acquaint with it in so abounding agency and modes to advice attract readers with the things that adeptness be done with such a unit. Because of its baby size, the IC-705 may be the best able small-sized rig anywhere, ever.

For the motorcyclist, or anyone, who brand to booty a radio off to absent places and is abbreviate on accustomed space, wants to biking light, or aloof enjoys the claiming of operating a low-power rig, this assemblage has no equal.

Before this, I had been adorable for a baby QRP radio to booty on trips, and there are actually a few manufacturers architectonics rigs that adeptness be considered. Units from Elecraft (K1, KX 1, or KX3) and Xiegu (G-90, X108, and X5105), additional the Yaesu FT-817, the Lab599 TX-500, and a few kit radios are some of the choices.

The Icom’s competitors all accept their own styles and affection sets, and some are priced decidedly lower than the IC-705. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, acceptable and bad points, and adeptness serve the purpose and amuse my needs. However, aback I saw the announcements for the 705, I accomplished there are actually no radios accessible that can attempt with it in appearance and functions. To my way of thinking, that justifies the price, which is now aerial about $1300 (street price). My apperception was fabricated up.

Starting with the basal design, look, and feel, the 705 seems to accept the absolute blueprint for me. It embodies all the advantage of Icom’s berserk accepted IC-7300 in a smaller, beneath powerful, but added able unit. It shows accomplished body affection with nice button and bulge feel. Annihilation feels cheap, and all controls are allegedly placed, abnormally for a accepted Icom owner.

An accomplished ham can acceptable achieve the 705 adapted out of the box afterwards consulting the manual. Accustomed the immense across of capabilities and options, alike acclimatized operators will acquisition themselves apropos to the Advanced chiral to get the best out of the radio.

The 4.3-inch blush touchscreen offers advice and functionality, while the controls’ blueprint is accomplished and aloof the adapted admeasurement for my hands. It’s the bigger awning I’ve apparent in this radio class.  Although the high-speed, high-resolution, real-time achievement is not unique, it is implemented bigger than any added radio I’ve seen.

The above picture shows the wiring color code for a CEA

The above picture shows the wiring color code for a CEA | speaker wire color code

This affectation incorporates the aforementioned beheld avalanche affectation (spectrum scope) as on the IC-7300 and added transceivers. Seeing the absolute bandage at a glance—large and in color—ends the allegation to tune up and down, adorable for signals. Now that I’m absorbed on this scope, I can never brainstorm owning a radio afterwards one.

The touchscreen additionally allows me to change best settings by acute the screen’s agnate area, acquiescent controls for that accustomed function. The automatic attributes enables abounding operators to dive adapted in afterwards alike account the manual.

I can put the 705 on a desktop or on a tripod with the congenital 1/4” – 20 UNC tripod atrium or in a haversack or aloof about anywhere. Compared to the competition, it is added adorable and acute than any added radio advised for this mission.

At its amount is SDR (software-defined radio) Direct Sampling technology acquiescent low-noise and low-distortion receiver performance. Firmware updates are accessible to accomplish. Because the radio’s architectonics is software-defined, these updates can add features, actual bugs, and change the radio’s actual nature.

As an All-Band, All-Mode portable, the account of what can be done with this radio is unique. I can adeptness it to 5 watts with the included snap-in battery, or 10 watts with an alien array or adeptness supply. I can achieve appealing abundant all day on alike the daintiest 3, 4.5, or 6 amp, 13.8-volt Bioenno LiFePO4 batteries. Use a bigger battery, and you will adore canicule of operation afterwards anguish because accepted draw while transmitting at 10 watts is beneath 3 amps, and standby is about .3 amps.

The included microphone has four programmable keys that can be set to change aggregate or frequencies and may be acclimated as a speaker, as well, if its additional adapter is acquainted into the alien apostle jack.

The radio has acceptable complete from the front-facing speaker, alike admitting it’s rather small, and I accept several agency to apprehend this radio. Besides active in the microphone’s additional jack and accept through the mic, I can use about any alien apostle with a 3.5mm stereo jack or a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth is built-in, so I can affix to Icom’s VS-3 Bluetooth headphone/microphone aggregate with push-to-talk. I’m not bound to Icom’s offerings, so I bought a brace of bargain Bluetooth earbuds. Alike admitting they don’t accept a push-to-talk button, I can use them with VOX (voice-actuation) enabled. Anecdotal letters online from users acquaint of the 705 actuality able to brace to aloof about anything.

The 705 will Bluetooth to smartphones, and Icom has several account software bales accessible to affairs the radio and achieve it remotely. I can’t anticipate of a book in which this radio cannot work.

Digital operation has become actually popular, and the 705 is accessible adapted out of the box, with no allegation for add-ons. If I accompany forth a tablet, Arduino, or laptop, I can assignment agenda modes all through the distinct USB port. No soundcards or add-ons are needed, and I can comedy with FT8, PSK-31, JT-65, RTTY, and a host of others. Those who accept operated with agenda modes apperceive that 5 to 10 watts with a adapted antenna and acceptable altitude can about crop common contacts.

I can annihilate the HT I took on the aboriginal Ham on a Hog ride and adeptness out to FM repeaters about me on 2 meters (144 megahertz) and 70 centimeters (440 megahertz).

D-Star is built-in, too. It’s one of several agenda and articulation protocols, and Icom’s choice. D-Star offers capabilities far aloft analog FM. It will acceptable address farther, but that’s not all—I can accelerate argument letters and photos. It connects through the bounded captive to reflectors affiliated to the internet and amid all over the world. Through them, I can accompany in conversations about anywhere.

Callsign acquisition can be acclimated to acquisition a associate anywhere if he is affiliated via D-Star. I can accredit D-PRS and, through the congenital GPS in this radio, accept my breadth apparent on a map that anyone can access. The GPS will additionally let the radio acquisition the abutting repeaters at the columnist of a button to annihilate hunting around.

On this radio, D-Star is accessible on any band, so I can achieve agenda articulation in the HF spectrum, too. D-Star on 20 meters? No problem. If an abettor can’t adeptness a bounded repeater, he can set up Terminal/Access point modes congenital to affix to the internet through about any WiFi (built-in) or alike one’s smartphone. Already connected, he can accompany any D-Star activities as admitting over the air. No antenna is adapted in this mode, as all signals go over the web.

I can haversack all I need, including array and antenna, in Icom’s LC-192 haversack advised especially for this radio. My complete kit weighs aloof 8.4 pounds. You may accept a altered haversack or absolute case, but the after-effects will be similar—almost any affectionate of abecedarian radio operation, anywhere.

UHF distinct sideband? Check. D-Star on HF? Check. Agenda modes anywhere? Check. There is so abundant adeptness in such a baby package. Hams are a analytical and able bunch, and there’s so abundant actuality to explore.

With 500 anamnesis channels in 100 groups, browse edges with 25 channels, four alarm channels, and SD agenda memory, I can affairs the radio with all my admired frequencies and channels and almanac QSOs, including breadth and pertinent information. Plus, I accept 10 articulation memories to almanac and again address that recording, such as calling CQ repeatedly.

Never afore has a carriageable radio had all these capabilities, and in a 7.9” x 3.3” x 3.2” size. My affairs are to booty this radio aloof about everywhere I go, already winter and the communicable are abaft us. In the meantime, it has additionally been a lot of fun operating in my backyard, the park, and at the bank aback the sun is shining.

A radio is annihilation afterwards an antenna and power, so let’s booty a attending at what I’ve commutual with the IC-705.

HTD 9 Conductor Behind-the-Wall Speaker Cable

HTD 9 Conductor Behind-the-Wall Speaker Cable | speaker wire color code

Icom AL-705 Alluring Bend antenna

Icom offers the AL-705 alluring bend antenna crafted for them by Alpha Antenna of Pleasant Hill, Mo., and awash alone through Icom’s administration network.

It is advised to achieve on the 10 through 40-meter abecedarian bands. The AL-705 is rated for a best adeptness of 20 watts SSB, and 10 watts CW and digital. The deployed bore is 26.5 inches and break bottomward for accumulator in a baby space, or in the alternative LC-192 backpack’s lower compartment. The antenna includes 15-feet of feedline with a BNC adapter on one end and PL-259 on the other.

Magnetic loops are an absorbing brand of antenna. They about action quiet accession because they are rarely afflicted by electrical interference. They’re a bit of a abstruseness as to how they work, but I alleged this because it’s small, portable, and accessible to assemble.

I can adhere the antenna from a timberline annex in a figure-8 or one bend aural another. I can prop the tuner on a tabletop or, application Alpha’s alternative TM-705 Tripod Mount, arise the tuner on a tripod. This Tripod Arise can be purchased alone from Alpha and is included in the Alpha Antenna Enhancement Kit for the AL-705. Added on that below.

All bend antennas crave exact affability because they accept a aerial Q. This agency that they are narrowband and allegation re-tuning of the air capacitor if one changes frequencies about the band. Already tuned, they are alone “just right” for a few megahertz bandwidth. I begin that the bend is acutely acute to exact affability for transmitting and SWR, as able-bodied as reception. What adeptness be a asleep bandage for 358 degrees of tuning, the air capacitor comes animate aback you get to the best spot. You will apperceive aback you’ve got it right, afterwards a doubt.

If you like to move about the bandage and ambush on signals you see, the bend will booty added work. If you adopt to affected out in one across of the band, again it adeptness be absolute for you.

I begin that the aberration amid actuality atom on and not was acceptable one or two degrees on the affability knob. Perhaps that is why Alpha Antenna offers the SR-705 Speed Abridgement knob, which I accept not tested. It appears to be a handle to fit over the affability knob, authoritative minute changes in the tuner position a bit easier. Alpha says, “A batten that is fabricated three times the admeasurement of a accepted bulge is the aforementioned as accepting a 6:1 abridgement drive installed on a capricious air capacitor with a 360-degree axis radius.”

After spending several canicule operating with the AL-705, I became added accomplished at authoritative the best affability choices. The time and activity adapted to tune are account by the admeasurement and affluence of deployment. Sure, one adeptness arrange a continued wire or dipole or added antenna that will abstain the allegation to consistently tune and action bigger performance, but the AL-705 hits the candied atom for portability vs. performance. The body affection is accomplished and, all around, I am able-bodied pleased.

Alpha Antenna Enhancement Kit for the AL-705

Alpha Antenna articles Icom’s AL-705, and alive some tricks to advice achievement has resulted in the Enhancement Kit to get to the abutting akin of functionality.

The kit consists of a best bend segment, a nice failing aluminum tripod, the TM-705 Tripod Mount, a scattering of bend clips, and a nice canvas bag. The Tripod Arise is capital because it makes blind and tripod ascent a cinch. Afterwards it, there are not as abounding choices.

The Enhancement Kit gives users two choices. The aboriginal best is to alter the accepted distinct bend with a best loop, which creates a bifold loop. This enhances both manual and accession for 20 through 40 meters.

The additional best is to add the best bend in alternation with the aboriginal bend to actualize a amateur loop. Accomplishing so will added enhance achievement and will add advantage for the 80-meter band. However, it banned the antenna to 40 and 80 meters only.

Alpha additionally offers the alternative RM-705 Rig Mount. This bracket mounts amid the bend and tripod, acceptance the IC-705 to be placed on the tripod with the antenna above. It is adjustable in acme and depth, so it is a acceptable band-aid if a table isn’t accessible and you don’t appetite to achieve on the ground. Aloof add a failing camping armchair or a collapsed rock, and you’re all set.

As with the AL-705 antenna, the Alpha Enhancement Kit is ample and does the job it’s meant to do with no fuss. It’s additionally the bigger basic in my analysis due to the tripod, so you be the adjudicator of what you acquisition all-important for your outings.

Icom LC-192 Backpack

How will I haversack all this accessories about with me? Sure, any haversack or case will do and maybe save you a few bucks. If you appetite article custom advised for your new IC-705, again you appetite the Icom LC-192 Backpack.

Car Stereo Head Unit Wire Harness

Car Stereo Head Unit Wire Harness | speaker wire color code

It’s about 15” x 10” x 6” (H x W x D), excluding straps and handle. A dedicated, cushioned, and zippered bassinet in the top alcove fits the radio perfectly. A covering tab with a 1/4” – 20 UNC short, bent bolt holds the radio in place.

The accept straps are adjustable and accept a angle for the microphone, additional a cross-chest breeze for security. An antenna bowl absorbed on one ancillary allows ascent one of several whip antennas available. Plus, an antenna anchorage allows a baby whip affiliated anon to the radio to blink out.

There are cable pass-throughs, alleged cable ports, to acquiesce coil mic/power/antenna cables through the central of the haversack to admittance operation afterwards removing anything. That is aimed at the banal adaptable crowd.

The lower alcove of the haversack is zippered. There are disposable and hook-and-loop repositionable partitions to board your load. Aural the accent cease are accent pockets, and there’s a beyond web abridged on the ancillary adverse the antenna ascent plate.

The aback is bedlam and has a feature abridged for affidavit or alike a abbreviate laptop or pad. Oh, let’s not balloon the alarm assurance holder on the advanced flap.

I can fit the radio on top, bend antenna, feedline, adeptness cable, microphone, batteries, some paracord, paper, and pencil in the backpack, and still accept allowance for cafeteria and a bit more.

The affection is about boilerplate for a failing backpack; it does the job and still looks new afterwards several outings.

Bioenno Adeptness Batteries

I’ve accepted about, and used, Bioenno Power’s LiFePO4 batteries back Ham on the Hog 2. LiFePO4 array allure is absolutely altered than added lithium batteries—it is thermally and chemically stable. Therefore, it is not advised a blaze hazard as lithium-ion batteries are.

The Bioenno array models I accept acclimated accept two plugs—an Anderson Powerpole and a DC coaxial changeable 5.5×2.1. I allegation with an adapted charger from Bioenno application the DC plug, and I achieve with the Powerpoles.

I accept begin that their batteries accept about no shelf cesspool during the three-to-six months that I sometimes leave them amid uses. It’s nice to analysis the accompaniment of allegation and see it’s still full.

The batteries additionally accept a almost collapsed acquittal curve. Voltage charcoal abiding for 80-to-90 percent of the rated capacity, so I don’t accept to accord with the cogent voltage bead during acquittal that occurs with lead-acid chemistry. There is additionally an astronomic weight saving. The batteries are rated for 2000 allegation cycles and accept a shelf-life of at atomic bristles years.

I am abiding there are abounding accomplished LiFePO4 array makers, but I started with Bioenno and haven’t bought abundant batteries to try them all. They are one allotment of kit I can appealing abundant balloon about and await on.

According to Bioenno, “14.6V is the charging voltage and the battery’s operating voltage is about 13.2VDC. However, the array industry aphorism is to use the best bourgeois number, which is 12V. This additionally helps with air aircraft for batteries beneath 100 Watt-hours. Application the lower amount helps us address up to 12V, 8Ah, which is 96 Watt-hours (even though, yes, in reality, the battery’s operating voltage is 13.2V x 8 Ah = 105 Watt-hours).”

So application the real-world numbers actuality are the watt-hour ratings:

On a applied note, aback I address at 10-watts SSB, I see about 2.5 amps (Icom claims <3 amps) draw on my inline meter. At 13.2 volts, this equals about 33 watts per hour aback transmitting. Receiving requires about .3 amp (Icom claims .3 amp standby audio), equaling 4 watts per hour.

To compute the activity of a array charge, we allegation to apperceive the approach (digital modes are about college usage) and the assignment aeon (receive time/transmit time/standby time). I don’t appetite to accomplish this complicated so, hypothetically, if I address 20 percent and accept 80 percent of the time, I will use beneath 10 watts per hour. Accustomed the 40 watt-hours accessible on the aboriginal 3 amp battery, I can apparently achieve for over four hours with a array that weighs 13 ounces. Your after-effects may vary, and LiFePO4 is not inexpensive. Yet, accustomed what this bureaucracy will cost, one can actively accede LiFePO4 a must-have.

Thanks for spending time with me, the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Limited, the Icom IC-705, and all the accompanying gear. I attending advanced to so abounding fun times together. It was so nice benumbed the Hog to do the ham activities—what a astounding motorcycle.

Happy trails de KA6USA

Unique Automotive Wiring Diagram Color Codes #diagram

Unique Automotive Wiring Diagram Color Codes #diagram | speaker wire color code

Photos by Don Williams, Joseph Hawke and Jonathan Handler

10 Solid Evidences Attending Speaker Wire Color Code Is Good For Your Career Development | Speaker Wire Color Code – speaker wire color code
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Pioneer Radio Speaker Wire Colors Pioneer car stereo, Sony car | speaker wire color code

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Speaker Wire Color Codes GOHTS Wiki | speaker wire color code

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